The Hancock on maneuvers, outside San Francisco Bay - 1963


YN3 Jake Jaccard

Jake say's Hello Shipmates!
The Fighting Hannah and Yeoman 3rd Class Petty Officer Jake, as they looked in June of 1963

Hello Shipmates. I am Jake, The Site Yeoman and Tour Guide!

Jake the Yeoman today - Still on Station!My name is Jake, the "Special" name my shipmates on the USS Hancock (CVA-19) nicknamed me, since they had a hard time pronouncing my surname, Jaccard. It's pronounced correctly as Já-card with the emphasis on the first syllable.

It took me sometime to get these guys to learn the proper pronunciation so one of them, of more lazy character, just shortened it to 'Jake' and it stuck with me through my Navy career. Years later, as I became more and more involved in the Internet and began to construct my Navy Career Website, "Jake's 'Yankee Station'," I took the name and resurrected it.  I have since used it anytime I am online. So it has become my name of sorts, and because I liked it back then in 1962, I still like it! After all, a guy could be called worse, right?

I have undertaken this Website to honor the USS HANCOCK CV/CVA-19, sort of on a whim.  Former statesman and signer of the Declaration of Independence, John Hancock, no doubt would be pleased that they built and commissioned Naval Warships after him.  I do believe he would equally be pleased to see that I have undertaken this task of bringing the ship he was honored by, back to light again, after so long being decommissioned, struck from the Navy List of ships and scrapped on 4 March 1976.

Naval History is a very fascinating thing to me, and the more I am involved in this Site and my Tribute to the ship I served in, I find that many of my generation and earlier generations are coming 'full circle' in the pursuit of knowledge and renewal of fond memories.

I have gained so much through the many hours that I have dedicated myself to this 'hobby' and I have been not only blessed by the knowledge I have gained through research, but also in the form of new friendships.  I find it exceptionally satisfying to read the Deck Log and find out how much I have done to make these former 'Squids', 'anchor clankers' and 'swab jockies', 'blackshoes, snipes, and airdales, happy to find a site dedicated to the ship they served in. I have hopes that as more 'surfers' come in and look for the HANCOCK, they will help me get more information on this ship. Perhaps even donate their stories to this site's Oral  Histories. We can always use more personal history on the Hancock for this project. Those who come here, and read this might help me do this, and hopefully, they will also contribute some of their photographs to the ship's Gallery of their time on the ship. This is the heartbeat of the ship.. the crew!

JakeI hail from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, moved to southern California with my parents as a young boy, and there in Glendale, grew up, and eventually joined the Naval Reserves as a Junior in High School. I won't get into my own history too much on this page, but anyone who wishes to learn more about my Navy Life.

You can click here if you wish to see me after 35 years have passed since the picture to the left was taken. It tells of my Navy Pride which continues to this day.

Thank you for your interest and I hope you have enjoyed your visit aboard the HANCOCK again, and thank you for helping me preserve this corner of Naval History. If you are interested in the Hancock and the Website I have constructed to her memory, and feel like letting all know your feelings, please make sure you leave your tracks in the Deck Log. You can also leave me Email.

May you have Fair Winds and Following Seas! ~ Jake

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My Navy Life
My two years before the Mast
The Captain's Office was just ahead of the
Ship's Island Structure and the 'Mast' just below the
Flight Deck

History of the Yeoman Rate

As you can tell already, I am proud of my service to my country, and this is basically the Heart Beatof this Web Site. I would like to share my Naval Experience with you, and hope you'll enjoy learning a bit about me as a young man, in Uncle Sam's Navy and what life is like aboard one of our Nation's Best Warship, the Aircraft Carrier. I enjoyed my Navy days, and have written my Memoirs and present them here for your enjoyment.

Jake in the Navy
A nineteen year old who joined the Navy to see the
world And what did he see? He saw the sea!! With a little
bit of Japan, Hong Kong, Philippines, Vietnam, and Hawaii
thrown in for good measure. Now Hawaii was a 'hoot'! I loved it!!
It was all I expected and more! Specially Hotel Street :o)

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