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Jake the Yeoman today - Still on Station!Jake the Yeoman back in 1963Shipmates, I am Jake, the Yeoman of the U.S.S. Hancock CV/CVA-19 Memorial. That young Sailor you see on most of the pages on this Website is me back in 1963. I don't want you to think that I am full of myself and why I put myself on nearly every page on this Website, but remember this is a Tour back in Time; therefore I am your Tour Guide.. and why you see me so much. To learn about that Yeoman of long ago, go here.

I have undertaken this Website 20 years ago now (as of January 1, 1992) to honor the USS HANCOCK CV/CVA-19, sort of on a whim.  Former statesman and signer of the Declaration of Independence, John Hancock, no doubt would be pleased that they built and commissioned Naval Warships after him.  I do believe he would equally be pleased to see that I have undertaken this task of bringing the ship he was honored by, back to light again, after so long being decommissioned, struck from the Navy List of ships and scrapped on 4 March 1976.

Naval History is a very fascinating thing to me, and the more I am involved in this Site and my Tribute to the ship I served in, I find that many of my generation and earlier generations are coming 'full circle' in the pursuit of knowledge and renewal of fond memories.

For all those many years, I have been laboring long and hard to put together one of the most comprehensive Websites on the U.S.S. HANCOCK CV/CVA-19, and needless to say, it has developed into what I'd consider a great success! For those years, it has been a true "Labor of Love" which I have enjoyed immensely - and judging by all the comments left in the Deck Log and Crew Muster, I have accomplished my original mission: To vouchsafe the memory of one of the hardest working Essex Class Carriers that has ever sailed in the U.S. Navy. A Memory we all are equally proud of.

Such could have never been the case, had we just a mediocre crew, but that has never been the case. From the beginning back in 1944 when her shakedown Crew came aboard; throughout the Second World War, and later to her refitting in Bremerton, Washington, when she came off the construction line to take on another Crew to join the Fleet, her Mission was to keep the world safe for Democracy in a long struggle of Peace keeping. Back then, she was "Ready Power for Peace" whose Motto was "When the Going gets tough, the tough - Hancock - get going..".

In those years, she established a record that has yet to be met, by the standards of Navy or Naval History in General.

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The Hancock being launched January 25, 1944 at Bethlehem Steel Company, Fore River, Quincy, Massachusetts

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A Front view of Hancock during WWII with spotted Hellcats on Bow

A Front View of the Hancock in WWII with Spotted F6F Hellcats on Bow.

Therefore, it brings me great pleasure to see another Hancock come out of the "Yards", to become one of the Premier Naval History Websites on the Internet. Such boasts don't come easy, and it was not my credit alone that accomplished this feat; it was a joint-operation with all former Crew members, and especially those who have worked long and hard with me in the "Admin Department" of the "Cyber-Hannah" - make a port call over to the Admin Office, as we all need to recognize that I alone could not have put this Website together; but that it has been a joint-operation from the Get-Go. Quite truthfully all those who have contributed in one way or another are part of this great collaboration. Kudos should go out to them and so go to our Kudos Page when you have the time.

The most important ingredient in the whole Mix are those we call the "CREW" for as in the past aboard our Ship; the Crew is the Heart Beat of any Ship. Our Crew has come together again, in 1992, after 16 years (since decommissioning on 30 January 1976), to see that the "Fighting Hannah" remains on line, and available to you at the Click of the Mouse on your Internet Browser. While it is true the Physical Hannah is gone; what made her come to life, was and continues to be her Crew. As long as one of us remains, she will have life. She is not just a few paragraphs in the Naval History Books - She remains vital and Alive. Our Mission continues as it has always been...

Our Website Mission

In 1976 the Hancock was de-commissioned and sold for scrap; yet the Crew of the Hancock would not let her memory die; in 1978 in Atlantic City, New Jersey, a contingent of old Hancock Shipmates came together to organize the USS HANCOCK ASSOCIATION, and this Association today (2012) is celebrating its 34th year seeing that the Memory of our Ship and Crew does not fade away. One day it is true, all of us will fade away, but hopefully, our offspring will see that the Association and the memory of the Ship and Crew lives on into the 21st Century. Visit and if you aren't yet a member and have been part of this illustrious crew, you should consider joining us! The comraderie continues to live on with all of us who come together every 2 years for our great USS HANCOCK Association Reunions - held in various venues across this great country of ours.

Again, it is because of YOU that this Joint Effort has been such a success, and why I, your Yeoman, wish to share my own personal feelings with you.

Of all the things I have done in my life, I'd like to say that the most dramatic and poignant years of my life go back to August of 1962, when I became Ship's Company. For those Two (very short) years, I had the extreme pleasure and pride in being a part of the Hancock Tradition; a tradition I wish to continue for as long as God will allow me to do so.

So to you, my fellow shipmates, who have received so much pleasure, with the return of your memories, through your visit to "Jake's 'Yankee Station' - USS Hancock CV/CVA-19 Memorial I'd like to say, "Welcome Aboard!

"Quartermaster, turn her into the Wind! Standby to Launch the Jets!"

May you Have Fair Winds and Following Seas!

~ Jake ~

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When you are finished your Tour on this Memorial, make sure you visit PH3 Richard A. Kirsch's Fighting Hannah. A tribute to the Middle Years Hannah - from 1945-1956 When she finally got her Angled Deck and Hurricane Bow.

This Gallery is given to you from the perspective of a Photographer's Mate who was busy snapping pictures and running the 16 mm Camera taking Movies that you see so much these days on YOUTUBE.COM.

Visit PH3 Rich Kirsch's Fighting Hannah and his Tribute to the Op Division - 1953-1956

Another Naval History Site by Jake for his Shipmate, Rich Kirsch - making sure the Hannah's memory lives on!

Bits and Pieces of HANCOCK History that you will find on this Website!

Hannah in Full Battle Dress (WWII Camouflage)
(Camo Measure 32/14D)

(Photo of unknown source)

This Picture, taken in 1944 on one of Hannah's War Cruises
Picture courtesy of
Capt Herschel A. Pahl - WWII Aviation Historian and Admin Assistant

A Kamikaze hit on the Flight Deck... April, 1945

The Deck of the Hancock shortly after a VT-7 TBF Avenger was trapped aboard and while taxiing with a 500-pound bomb in its bomb bay - the pilot, not knowing that he had an armed bomb hung up in his Bomb bay.. opened his Bomb bay doors, the bomb falling to the deck and exploded.

The Story from the Deck Log:

January 21, 1945.

1328: VT 124, Bu #23539 [a General Motors TBM-3 Avenger], pilot, LT(JG) C.R. Dean, 298954, and crewmen F.J. Blake, ARM3c, and D.E. Zima, AOM2c, made a normal landing and taxied forward. As the plane reached a point abreast the island a violent explosion occurred, believed to have been caused by the detonation of two (2) 500 lb. bombs adrift in the plane's bomb bay. The immediate results of the explosion were: casualties: killed - 62; critically injured - 46; seriously injured - 25; slightly injured - 20. A 10x16 foot hole in the flight deck, gallery deck area in the vicinity demolished, inboard side signal bridge wrecked. Three airplanes demolished. Numerous shrapnel holes throughout the island structure. Fires broke out on the flight, gallery, and hangar decks. Hauled clear of the formation and commenced maneuvering at various courses and speeds in an attempt to control the winds over the deck, and with high speed turns, to wash flooding water out of the hangar deck.

1342: Fire in hangar deck under control.

1405: Fire in gallery deck under control.

1406: Hancock planes in the vicinity commenced landing on other carriers of the Task Group.

1500: Rejoined station in formation.

1510: Emergency repairs to the flight deck completed.

A terrific frontal view of the Hannah - taken in 1954 by the Hannah's Photo Crew

Picture courtesy of 'Key Runner', Richard A. Kirsch from the Richard Kirsch Extended Middle Years Gallery

Hannah - 'Our Town' returns from WestPac 1958
This Picture, taken in 1958 on Hannah's return to CONUS from WestPac,
demonstrates the Unity and Cohesiveness of the Hancock Crew..

yes, Hannah was "Our Town" - Sent to Jake by unknown shipmate. If you are he, please sound off.

Refueling underway USS Chemung AO-30 - taken around July 1967 on Hancock's 3rd Vietnam WestPac Cruise
Picture #4 - This Image is not downloadable.

Picture was taken by Mike Postolan of OP Division and courtesy of the Mike Postolan Feature Gallery
Visit Mike's Hancock Photo Galleries - this picture is also available as a frameable Print from his Ships Store.

Vietnam Era Hancock - 1964 - 1975
Courtesy of the Michael T. Postolan Onsite USS Hancock Gallery

Hancock Galleries Launch

Did you know that a part of the Fighting Hannah was melded into the "Lone Sailor Naval Memorial in Washington, DC? Yes, it's true. The story can be found at the click of the Button...

The Lone Sailor

"Lone Sailor"

I am the American Sailor
that we may never forget who we are...

Speaking of being Sentimental, why not check out what others have to say about our Ship and add your own comments? Go here.

Also, did you know that part of the Hancock's Wheelhouse and Bridge was dismantled and once was on display at the National Sea & Air Museum of the Smithsonian, which now is called the National Air and Space Museum in Washington, DC? On June 30, 2012, the Yeoan checked to see if they still had this Exhibit, but have not been successful. I learned that they often change exhibits, so now where this Exhibit is located, is any one's guess. If you know, please contact Jake immediately by his Email Service. Thanks - Jake

The way the display looked by the photographer who goes unnamed.

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