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Hello Shipmates, I am Jake and I have provided a Section on this Website where you can post your Important Links. These Links must have a related Interest to the Main Theme of this Website which is Honoring Veterans and their Service to our country to post in the Service-Related areas.

If you have a Website that is or is not commercial and may be of interest to Veterans we invite you to post your Website to the 'General Interest' area only. Please abide by this rule.

You may post a Link to your Website if it stays within these narrow parameters.

It is my desire as Web Yeoman of this Site to keep this site free of commercialism as much as possible, however if your site provides assistance to Veterans, sells Service-related items, such as hats, insignias, T-Shirts, etc., it is permitted here.

No sexual or pornographic sites, please! We wish to keep this area clean and tidy.

Your Yeoman will Police this section and if your link does not keep within our stringent parameters, it will be removed.

If you have an informational Site that offers assistance to Veterans and their Families, please give a brief synopsis of the Site's main objectives.

If your site is Rich in Oral History, Photos, etc., this site would be especially of interest to our Hancock Family and Community. Thank you for sharing!

Thanks for participating in this Project and we hope this Area may be beneficial to all who use and view it.

~ Jake

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