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U.S. Navy - All Things Navy - This is the Auto-Link Home Page (but of course! )

    War Boats of America
    War Boats of America
    Enjoy this comprehensive collection of information on the combatant craft or "Warboats" serving from before WW1 to the present day around the world. Sponsored by Combatant Craft of America added on: 12-July-2012 at 12:11

    The United States Navy Memorial Store
    The United States Navy Memorial Store
    The Gear Locker is your place to buy Navy-themed items to keep your Navy Tradition alive! added on: 23-November-2011 at 21:58

    Blue Water Navy Agent Orange Information
    This site provides information related to dioxin and other toxic exposures by personnel of the Blue Water Navy, which includes Coast Guard and Fleet Marine personnel.
    Please read the INTRODUCTION section to better understand the scope, depth, purpose and usefulness of documentation provided here added on: 13-November-2010 at 12:35

    The Jerseyman
    Quarterly online news magazine written for USS New Jersey crewmen; hundreds of veterans that restored her; and those that enjoy naval history.

    Posted by Tom Helvig, CTRCM, USN/Retired - 1975 added on: 27-September-2010 at 12:23

    Attack Squadron VA-163 "Saints" WestPac Cruises 66-69
    Former A4-E Skyhawk squadron VA-163 was aboard USS Oriskany CVA-34, during the 1966-67 Cruise, and the 1967-1968 Cruise. The 1966 Cruise ended prematurely on October 26, 1966 with loss of 44 men, and injuries of many others due to the explosions in the ship's hangar bay. The result, the Oriskany had to leave Yankee Station for Subic Bay, P.I. on October 28, 1966. Later, it left for San Diego, California. There was a Burial at Sea on November 3, 1966 in the Philippine Sea.

    VA-163's next West Pac Viet Nam cruise was on board the USS Hancock CVA-19, June 1968 through January 1969. VA-163 was so fortunate to have been on two of the greatest aircraft carriers which served our country, the United States of America. added on: 20-August-2010 at 15:54

    A remembrance website for the veterans of the Vietnam War from all branches of the military services. added on: 12-June-2010 at 12:50

    U.S.S. Indianapolis CA-35 and the Seaman 2/c Charles 'Ed' Jones Memorial
    There are few tragedies at sea that capture one's imagination and fear more than the nightmare which took place under the glow of the moon, on a hot and steamy summer's night, just after midnight on July 30, 1945. This is your chance to witness that tragedy. added on: 01-July-2009 at 23:26

    The U.S.S. JACCARD DE-355 and the Richard A. Jaccard, Lt(jg) Memorial
    This website was created to remember Ensign Richard A. Jaccard, USNR (Deceased), recipient of the Navy Cross in WWII and the Destroyer Escort USS Jaccard DE-355, a ship named in his honor. added on: 01-July-2009 at 23:21

    Subic Bay Naval Base
    Welcome to the Former SUBIC BAY NAVAL BASE Republic of the Philippines. Come re-live old Memories! added on: 28-February-2009 at 01:34

    Navy For Moms (Navy Moms)
    This site is for mothers of kids in the U.S. Navy and for Moms who have questions about Navy life for their kids. added on: 28-February-2009 at 01:25

    Mobile Riverine Force Association
    Mobile Riverine Force (Vietnam) Deadly Action was the Norm added on: 28-February-2009 at 01:08

    The Royal Australian Navy
    Gun Plot is a personal and privately owned website about the Royal Australian Navy, Past, Present and Future. added on: 28-February-2009 at 00:52

    U.S.S. Hancock CV/CVA-19 Association Home Page
    The Ship and Crew live on within the U.S.S. Hancock CV/CVA-19 Association. Come join a Great Crew - New Members are always sought - including Associate Membership. added on: 22-February-2005 at 16:01


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