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On 1 January1992, I had put up a Personal Home Page, using AOL's Servers (America Online) and Commissioned this Website. It was a simple web page, with perhaps 2 or 3 adjoining pages to clarify my passage to manhood aboard the U.S.S. HANCOCK CVA-19, which took place from 1962 - 1964. Being one of the most poignant times in my young life (I was then 19 years old), I wished to keep the memory alive in this the age of the World Wide Web and the Internet. Thus was born "Jake's 'Yankee Station'. The added call-sign of "U.S.S. HANCOCK CV/CVA-19 MEMORIAL" was not added until the year 2000, when the website on AOL had grown to monumental size - over 30 Megabytes of Server Space.

More recently, after 5 years of existing at usshancock.com, the Hancock Memorial has 1) gone to CD-ROM format (this Disk), and moved to an even more familiar URL of http://www.usshancockcv19.com. This move became necessary due to the Server going down, and hopefully, we will once more retain the URL of uss.hancock.com. Meanwhile, you can enjoy the Website in perpetuity, on
CD-ROM Disk.

Once we came out of the "Cyber-Yards", and began Steaming, the Cyber-Hannah began her Shake-Down Cruise and Sea Trials, the need arose for more help, and we soon added more Admin Assistants - See our
Admin Department for more information on these additions to Admin.

We became Blessed more and more with added content and visuals, and soon, our many Galleries became bursting with fabulous images our ship and crew. You can visit the Galleries Page to follow those wonderful "Chains" to our Past.

Some of these Blessings came in the form of Oral History experienced by our former Crew members and Friends - some are Sea Stories shared by other Commands Crew members, which we felt notable to share with you here on the Hannah Oral History Pages. The Link there is through this Porthole...

Hancock Oral Histories Site

This Website was Commissioned on 1 January 1995

Nothing brings back the memories better than good old Sea Stories, related by those who lived the Adventure.

You will find our Oral History Site one that will take you instantly back to a time in your life when it felt good to get up in the morning to those familiar Bosun pipes.. to go to chow with 3000 other Happy Sailors. It may not have always been true, but we find now that Life on Hannah meant more to us than we thought.

These are wonderful recollections by those who loved a ship that made an indelible Mark in Naval History.. by a Crew than cannot forget.

In March of 2006, we were blessed to have a former Hancock Shipmate, Ken Groom, supply us with many wild and wonderful Sea Stories he gleaned from his experiences on USS YANCEY. Your Visit there would be payback for your Visit here. We hope you enjoy all you find on this Website - a virtual Tour back in time, and also a Virtual Treasure Trove of Memories and Memory Joggers.



More recently (2006), we added new Guest Book, which we term the "Deck Log" - For all visitors.

We've made our former Guest Books available also, since many had signed them.

For those who served in HANCOCK, the "Ship's Muster" if for former Shipmates, members of our Marine Detachment and members of our CAG Crew and Squadrons. Make sure you "Muster on Stations!"

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Gallery Additions!

On August 3, 2001, this Website was blessed to add another fabulous photo gallery, when one of our WWII Shipmates, Earl P. Ayres, wrote the Yeoman and told him he had many photos which were taken aboard the Hancock during the tragic times aboard ship when a bomb exploded on the flight deck, and also a kamikaze careened down the flight deck in 1945. I quickly set to work to create a gallery for these additions and also a Place of Honor for Earl and also those who experienced this tragedy, many of whom never came home.

Some time later, Earl contributed more to this gallery, by sending the "Fighting Hannah" Booklet which the ship published at War's end. I quickly set to work to scan these images and add them to the 'Earl P. Ayres' Extended WWII Gallery.

Then again, Earl sent me more pages from his Cruise Book which I added to his gallery, as Book II. This Hancock WWII Photo Journal has improved our Galleries a 100% and for which we are all grateful to Earl P. Ayres!! On behalf of all Hancock Shipmates and all others who wish to keep the memories alive, Thanks Earl from all of us!!

On November, 1, 2001, this Website was once again honored and blessed to have another Shipmate, Richard Kirsch, PH3, USNR, who was aboard the Hancock from November 1953 through August 1955. His first billet aboard the Hannah was filled as a "Key Runner" - He was one of the few who came aboard every day to open various compartments for the welders and other workmen prior to re-commissioning in 1954.

Rich, a photographers Mate in OP Division took many quality photographs of life aboard the Hannah and we are blessed to have his photos added to our Shipboard Galleries. Rich has since become one of the Yeoman's best friends and we can thank Rich for caring to share his many photos with all of us in the
Richard A. Kirsch Extended Middle Years Gallery. Thanks so much, Rich!!!

In April 2002, Dave Thomas, an "Ordie" from VU-1 send me an Email Message telling me he had some nice pictures of Flight Deck Operations on the Hancock, and if I'd be interested in them.

Of course! Was my only response.

Dave truly did take some very good pictures as you will see if you visit the "Dave Thomas Extended Vietnam Era Gallery" and as always, we are very happy to have such quality pictures to share with the World on this, the Memorial to the Good Ship Hannah-Maru!

From mid-1962 thru December 1963 Dave was an AO3-2 with VU-1, http://www.utron1.itgo.com, a utility squadron based at NAS Barbers Point Hawaii. Included in the "Ordie" shops many tasks was TAD as ordnance ORI observers for the fleet admiral. Dave stated in his intro Email, "In all, I was aboard eight separate carriers during that period including the Hancock in 1963. While reading, and enjoying your narrative describing your days at sea aboard Hancock I remembered having five pictures taken from "vultures row" during that ORI. You may have been a few feet away when I took the pictures."

Not sure if I was "near-by" but these photos which Dave contributed to our Hancock Vietnam Era Gallery are some of the best quality Flight Deck Operations photos in our galleries.. Truly a great addition!! Thanks Dave for your contribution of both Service to our Country in general, the Navy and also to our Website Galleries! Job Well Done, Sailor!

In 2002, we added our "Hancock Serendipity Section" or Compartment. These pages are loaded with objects and writings that carry on the Hancock Mystique - or things that bring back poignant memories, both visually and auditorially. From Matchbooks to Zippo Lighters, Prayer Books to Bluejacket Manuals. Sort of a "Cyber-Museum" that trips one's memory. All these things are part of the "Hancock Mystique" - and why we termed this section the "Hancock Serendipity" for they are "intangibles" =- yet part of our Collective past. Visit there, you will not be sorry.

The same month and year we also added the "Shipmate's Registry" - a section for YOU! We are providing this space for you to add your own Biography and picture(s). To get your own place in the Registry, it requires your Biography - or funny story - and two pictures - a "Then" picture in uniform, and a "Now" picture. We brief with your story for this section, and if you do have a longer story, go to this page and send it to us. I will place it in our Oral History Section, if worthy of note.

As of August 22, 2005, we have added more Security to our Guest Books, since currently and for the unforeseen future, Internet Robots will be cruising the Web in search of Email Address embedded on Website Pages to sell to List Companies, and pollute the Internet with Spam advertising, much of which is pornographic in nature. To provide more security to our Guest Books and to protect your Email address placed on Guest Books, we have incorporated a Secure Website using Membership via Usernames and password protection. This new Secure Area is called "Guest Book Central" and can be accessed here.

Gallery Addition!

Visit our Newest Gallery -
The 'Fred A. Kralowetz's VAW-11 Detachment Lima Gallery'
U.S.S. Hancock CVA-19 WestPac '63-65 Cruises

On April 1, 2006, We commissioned another addtion to our Galleries, The Frederick A. Kralowetz, AVCM, USNR (Ret) VAW-11 Detachment Lima Extended Vietnam Era Gallery. I am very proud to offer you Fred's extensive gallery to this Website, the FIRST Squadron Gallery! Other than the Michael T. Postolan, Sr. gallery at http://www.usshancock.net, there is none other on par with Fred's gallery. This addition as placed our overall Ship Galleries on a Level not long compassed.

Other than the Michael T. Postolan, Sr. gallery, located on the Internet at http://www.usshancock.net, there is none other on par with Fred's gallery, which has placed the Hancock Memorial's Photo Galleries on a level that will make the visitor's time spent here worthwhile, and which will guarantee many return visits.

Shipmates, since the inception of this Website, the History and Memory of our Ship continues - that was your Yeoman's original desire, and I believe you will agree that I have been successful in this endeavor; however, it has not been to my credit alone. I have had the help and aid of many of you, who have wished to be a part of this Website and Tradition. If you are one of them, thanks so much for your contributions; if you wish to become a part, just send the Yeoman Email, and He'll see what he can do for you. This has never been a sole project of mine. It may have started that way, but soon became OUR "Joint Effort" - Please make sure you visit our "Special Crew Award" to become a Part of the Cyber Crew in Perpetuity by joining the "Crew Muster". If you were Hancock Ship's Company, YOU deserve this Award - Thanks, Shipmate!

Jake's Special

Join the Crew List when there

Henceforth, and as long as the Yeoman has breath, this Website will be Steaming the Azure Seas of the Internet, and also in the Collective Memories of our Shipmates and Crew. The Late Command Master Chief and Career Specialist, Courtland R. "Corky" Johnson, NCCM(SW), USN stated best the meaning of Shipmate. No one could have expressed it better!!!

Web Yeoman,
Jake's 'Yankee Station' - USS Hancock CV/CVA-19 Memorial
Saturday, February 28, 2004

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