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U.S.S. LAFFEY DD-724 - The Proud Ship of WWII that would not die

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The only Sumner class tin can WAS sinking!!!

Note: Since saving of the LAFFEY seems to be taking place, I wish to bring you to the attention of UPDATES taking place in regard to current information...

Athough she has been rescued, you may wish to read the following info on how she was rescued by reading this entire Page, or just click here for the

WWII Live Action from the Archives


The USS LAFFEY DD-724 fought at Normandy, Iwo Jima, Philippines and took on 22 kamikazes in 80 minutes at Okinawa. She survived the Korean War and 25 more years of Cold War sailing.

She has now sprung some very bad leaks and is need of dry dock service.

As many of you know, the LAFFEY is based at
Patriots Point Naval Museum in Charleston, SC. She has been there since 1981. She is the last of her kind and is taking on water at the rate of 2000 gallons per hour. The pumps are handling it right now but we need your help. To pull her, dredge to get her out of her mooring, tow her up river to the dry dock and repair the bottom will cost in the area of 4+ million dollars.

Patriots Point and the Laffey Association are looking for any donations we can get to save this important piece of naval history. Any amount you can afford will help save our ship.

Many of you have visited our ship and enjoyed the memories that she brought you. Please do what you can to help preserve this great ship so others can share the experiences that you had aboard your tin can.

Note: When you send checks, please note on the check or in your letter that you saw this notice on Jake's USS Hancock CV/CVA-19 Memorial -

Thank you,

Please make checks payable to:

Patriots Point Development Authority
(Make notation for SAVE THE LAFFEY on check and envelope, please).

Mail checks to:
Patriots Point Development Authority
40 Patriots Point Road
Mount Pleasant, SC 29464

Attn: C.F.O.

Thanks for your help.

If you would like to leave your sentiments - please sign the 'Save the Laffey' Deck Log.

USS Laffey DD-724 Association

You can use PayPal or your own Credit Card to Donate...

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U.S.S. LAFFEY (DD-724) -

Read Daniel Snuffer's Tribute to the USS Laffey Here.


As of March 2009


Charles Hall, Jr.,

Chief Master Sergeant USAFR (Ret)
Media and Public Relations Manager


  • Home of the USS Yorktown
  • Naval & Maritime Museum
  • Medal of Honor Museum

    40 Patriots Point Road
    Mt Pleasant, SC 29464
    Direct: 843.881.5925
    Cell: 843.729.4300

NOTE: The information presented here may contain information which is legally privileged. It is intended only for the attention and use of the visitor to this Page. If you wish to download or copy any information on this UPDATE, you first must seek permission from Charles Hall, Jr., using the contact information above. We ask that you would please comply with this request. Thank you.

A Concurrent Resolution

To recognize and commend the extraordinary efforts of the many state workers and volunteers who are working tirelessly around the clock to preserve the Historic and Gallant USS LAFFEY (DD-724) for her surviving veterans and countless admirers....

Resolution by the House of Representatives and Senate of the State of South Carolina to acknowledge
the efforts of PATRIOTS POINT, U.S.S. LAFFEY Association members and other Volunteers in seeking to save the LAFFEY. This then is the fist step in the long process to save the Laffey. To read the entire Resolution click
here. Also Available in Microsoft Word Download here.

'Save the Laffey' Group who were present
at the signing of the Concurrent Resolution

Click Image for larger View

Click Image for Larger View

If you would like to add your thoughts, please use the
"Save the Laffey Log'
Thank you!

Password = "Hancock Hull Number"
The 'Common' name for the Vietnam Veterans Memorial
in Washington DC

More Recent Updates on Saving the LAFFEY...

State to lend Patriots Point $9.2M to save USS Laffey -
An Article published by the Charleston Regional Business Journal - Charleston, SC, June 11, 2009

Published June 11, 2009

"State Treasurer Converse Chellis announced today that the state will lend $9.2 million to Patriots Point for repairs to the USS Laffey, a destroyer with significant rust damage that threatens to sink it..."

For the full article - visit the Charleston Regional Business Journal's Article

Charleston Regional Business Journal has given permission to Mirror their Site on this Article and so we are happy to have it on this Website HERE.

It is also available on this site as a downloadable
PDF or Word Document File.

We are appreciative for this privilege! Thank you Ashley Frampton!

Jake, the Yeoman of this Website - sent a "Thank You" Letter to the State Treasurer of the Great State of South Carolina, the Honorable Converse A. Chellis. You can read it


News from Sonny Walker, LAFFEY Association President:

Attention All Hands:

The ship is supposed to be moved to drydock sometime in August. (Around the 19th or so).
Would any of you be interested in riding some escort boats upriver? The trip should take about 3 hours.

Hoot Gibson will try to arrange for some boats for us to ride.

I need a head count so we know how many boats we will need to rent.

Please let me know ASAP.


Respond to Sonny Walker

Old News from Sonny Walker, LAFFEY Association President as of 30 June 2009.

The Yeoman Comments: I just wanted to keep this Thread on the page to show you how your support of Laffey works, if we all dig in our heels and put our shoulder to the Wheel - Jake

From Sonny: Attention All Hands:

I just received a phone call from Dick Trammell, the new Executive Director of Patriots Point. They have just signed the papers for the money to repair the ship.

The date she will be moved to the ship yard upriver is AUGUST 19, 2009.

We have chartered a catamaran (see attached photo) from Patriots Point that holds 65 people to escort the LAFFEY to the drydock. Right now we have about 24 people so far that will be making the trip.

Click for Larger View

Our hotel will be Quality Inn and Suites at Patriots Point.

If you are interested please let me know via e-mail or phone 410-515-3223, so we can give the boat operator a head count.


We must really thank everyone at Patriots Point, Dick Trammel, Bob Howard, Paul Jeffers and ALL of The people that worked so hard to save her. We also must thank everyone that sent donations to keep the pumps running and kept her afloat.

Special thanks go to Converse Challis, the State Treasurer, SC Rep. James Smith (grandson of Capt. Paul Smith, Gunnery Officer 16 April '45), John Hagerty, Chairman of Patriots Point development Authority and all who supported the "Save the Laffey" project. Without these people our lady would be headed for the deep as a reef.

This is a great time to be alive.

Sonny Walker,

Since USS LAFFEY has been saved, you may visit the Following Links below...


The Yeoman Jake's Comment: The Laffey has been Saved thanks to a remarkable turn of events in which we can Praise God, but your continued support is needed. All funds contributed through this PayPal Link are transferred to the Laffey Association. Please trust in this Link. You may also wish to use your own Credit Card instead of PayPal, and there is a means for that as well, via the PayPal Link. You may also Respond to Sonny Walker .

Note that Saving Laffey and other Naval Ship Museums insures the future generations of a physical and tactile connection to History for them...

Thank you for your continued Support...

With Respect,
Jake Jaccard, YN3, USNR (Ret)
USS Hancock Web Yeoman for Saving the USS LAFFEY

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