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L-R Web Yeoman Ken "Jake" Jaccard, YN3, and XO Dennis F. Milliken, QM3
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Meet the Yeoman

Yeoman Jake Quartermaster Dennis F. Milliken

Bob Molleston - RM2, USN

James R. Barbour, Fight Deck Historian and Admin Assistant

ARM2/c Robert Molleston, USN (Ret)
Hancock Memorial Aviation Historian & WWII Admin Assistant & Former
Hancock Association President

James R. Barbour, AN (Aviation Boatswain Mate striker), Hancock Memorial Flight Deck Historian and Admin Assistant

Richard A. Kirsch, PH3, USNR-R
Middle Years Ship and Aircraft Information
Specialist and
Admin Assistant

click each person for a glimpse of us during 'Hannah Time'

Bob McKay, AQ-1, USN (Ret) enjoying a day out to sea again, this time he is planning on hooking the `Big One` - Sorry Bob, the only big thing you got was a Big disappointment!
(Nice catch, Bob! )
Bob is our Hancock Memorial
Information Specialist and Admin Assistant

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In Memory of the Late
Capt Herschel A. Pahl, USN (Ret)

Hancock Memorial Aviation Historian &
WWII Admin Assistant

A Memorial to him and his beloved
wife of 67 years, Bonnie Pahl
is located in our WWII Memorial

Hersch Pahl as a young Pilot

Captain Herschel A. Pahl, WWII Administrator

Captain Herschel A. Pahl, USN Passed on 17 October 2010
after a long struggle to regain his strength after a Hip Replacement surgery
He is sadly missed by all who knew him, especially we of
the USS Hancock Memorial and the
USS Hancock Association

Visit His Website to buy his book

With Capt Herschel A. Pahl's passing 17 October 2010, the Hancock Memorial had a need to fill this important Billet and asked Bob Molleston join us. Bob is a former Hancock Association President who was with AG-6 aboard the Hancock from March 1945 until the conclusion of WWII . He was a radioman-gunner in Bombing Squadron Six flying in an SB2C Helldiver.

Bob is quite Qualified to fill the Billet as the Hancock WWII Aviation Historian. Welcome aboard, Bob!

Lawrence K. "Larry" Jones, ETN2, OE Division, U.S.S. Hancock from 1966-1968 joined our Admin Crew in 2010. He joins our Admin Crew as our Shipmate Research Specialist and Admin Assistant. Larry has proven skills in finding men who served aboard our Historic Ship, and maybe he can help find someone for you. Of course, we don't want to short-circuit Larry, so any Research Request must first be sent to Jake, the Yeoman, who will send on your Request to him. Please do all you can to find your Shipmates BEFORE you enlist Larry's assistance. Larry comes to us from the U.S.S. Hancock CV/CVA-19 Association where he is Life Member #199 and also acting there as the 2nd Vice-President.

Our Admin Department exists to make sure that the Cyber-Hannah runs smoothly, and that all information contained on this Website is factual and is interesting to those who visit. Often a visitor may have a question regarding Hancock History or regarding other related subjects, and it's the purpose of the Admin Department on this Website to offer quick answers to your inquiries. Email Addresses to our Admin Members are below. Please use the E-Mail Link Below if you have important questions or comments only. Thank you.

The Official Shakedown of the Cyber-Hannah took place in 1995, as "Jake's Yankee Station." The site, at that time, was merely a small 'home page' of one sailor's Naval experiences. However, it became clear to Jake that the ship was not his alone. There were so many who wished to share in the memories, that it became apparent to Jake that things were going to change dramatically with the site, and these changes came very swiftly.

In the year 2000, the Home Port changed from AOL's server to TechSure.com's Pier #3 with the honorable www.usshancock.com domain name.

At this time, the site's mission changed dramatically from Jake's homepage, known as "Jake's 'Yankee Station" to the...

The Official USS Hancock CV/CVA-19 Memorial

Today the USS HANCOCK CV/CVA-19 MEMORIAL, with the help of our Admin Department, and all shipmates who have contributed to the site's Photo Galleries, Oral Histories, Deck and Divisions Log entries, has grown to become one of the premier Naval History Sites on the Internet.

On few other websites can one find as comprehensive a Gallery regarding the Life and times of the USS Hancock than in our Galleries! This may sound like a boast, and if it does, it's because your Yeoman is very proud of what this site has become. It is no longer his alone, but belongs to everyone who served in Hannah, and now, thanks in great part, to all who have contributed, it is published to the world, via the World Wide Web. For other Off-site Galleries, we suggest you also visit our Web Partner's Websites which honor the USS Hancock CV/CVA-19 and her Crew.

Speaking of Galleries? We have Galleries!! Essentially, the entire site is one huge Picture Gallery of one of the greatest Naval warships in modern history.

Your Admin Department is without question, proud to have had the privilege to keep the memory of this great ship alive and to honor the service of those who proudly served our great Nation in the USS Hancock. They are also equally proud to offer this Great Memorial to the World Wide Web, whereby, the Memory of Ship and Crew will live on forever.

In 1997, the site's mission changed as it grew in size and content. Since at no time has the Fighting Hannah gone anywhere without an able Navigator and Quartermaster, it became necessary to request EPDOPAC to send a capable man. EPDOPAC promptly sent out orders to a Qualified Quartermaster in the person of Dennis F. Milliken who heads up the Cyber-Hannah's XO's Office. Dennis also holds down the office as this site's Official USS Hancock CV/CVA-19 Historian and Web Partner.

USS Hancock (CV/CVA-19) Association

In June of 2001 our Aviation Historian & WWII Admin Assistant, Capt Herschel A. Pahl came aboard, after assisting the Yeoman in an important Aircraft information request. Having a good knowledge of WWII Hancock History, and Aircraft launched from our decks (and other ships), Capt Pahl aggreed to fill this important billet in the Admin Department. Anyone wishing information regarding this Era, or the Aircraft launched from the decks of WWII Aircraft Carriers - or Aircraft used in US Naval Air, please contact Capt Pahl. You can learn more about Capt. Hersch Pahl by visiting our
WWII Hancock Memorial.

Capt. Hersch Pahl passed away quietly in his sleep on 17 October 2010.. He will be sadly missed. The Yeoman made note of this in the WWII Hancock Memorial Section, as well as on his Website (herschpahlbooks.com) make sure you click on "A Yeoman's Farewell" when there.

On January 15, 2011, the Yeoman saw a need to replace Captain Pahl as our WWII Admin Assistant, and called a fellow WWII Veteran and shipmate of Capt Hersch Pahl, Robert Molleston, former ARM2/c (which is an Aviation Radioman 2nd Class) to fill this Billet and he happily answered to the affirmative in this position.

A short Bio of Bob will be placed here shortly...

Later in March of 2002, the Admin Department acquired Richard A. Kirsch, former Photographers Mate. Rich is acting as our Website Middle Years Ship and Aircraft Information Specialist. Any questions you may have regarding the Ship and her aircraft contingent should be directed to Rich. He was a Key Runner during the Refitting Period from 1953 - 1954 during which time he had basically been in every nook and cranny of the ship. He is the only person I know of who has had this opportunity given him, and therefore, is a good candidate for this billet.

He also later became an Aviation Photographers Mate, and spent many hours photographing the planes as they were launched from the Flight Deck. He knows his aircraft well. Please welcome Rich to the Admin Department. We are proud to have him serve the Hancock Memorial!

In the year 2003, due to personal & technical problems with the Server Administration, the Yeoman found it needful to change Web Servers, and register the new Domain as usshancockcv19.com, leaving usshancock.com behind. Though at the time it was sad to lose the original domain name, it was apparent that our mission was changing dramatically, and we needed to change the designator to include "CV19" - Your Yeoman decided to leave off the "A" as it would have appeared CVA-19, because the Mission of the Hancock changed during the Vietnam War, as she was redesignated CV-19 once more, as she was formerly designated during WWII.

This change to Ship Designation was brought about because the HANCOCK could not accommodate the larger Jets such as the Phantom, and she was now competing on line with larger, more modern Carriers.

Since her Mission changed, we decided to keep the older (and also later) designation, as most of our Vietnam War Shipmates would remember her as such.

We do, however have Web Partners who are carrying the Middle Years designator of CVA-19, such as Rob Lee & Mike Postolan and encourage you to visit their sites. See Web Parnters for those Launches.

Members of Admin Department are:

Jake Jaccard, YN3, USNR-R (Ret)
Website Yeoman, Chief Administrator and Admin Assistant

Dennis F. Millkin, XO and Chief Website historian
XO and Website Historian and Admin Assistant

ARM2/c Bob Molleston, USN (Ret)
Hancock Memorial WWII Aviation Historian and WWII Admin Assistant
Bob was with in AG-6, March 1945 until the conclusion of WWII .
He was a radioman-gunner in Bombing Squadron Six flying in an SB2C Helldiver.

James R. Barbour, AN (Aviation Boatswain Mate striker),
Hancock Memorial Flight Deck Historian and Admin Assistant

Richard A. Kirsch, PH3, USNR-R
Middle Years Ship and Aircraft Information Specialist and Admin Assistant

Robert A. "Macsie" McKay, AQ1, USN (Ret)
Information Specialist and Admin Assistant

Lawrence K. "Larry" Jones, ETN2, USN (Ret)
Shipmate Research Specialist and Admin Assistant

Hannah is on the Move...

In Late 2004, Jake requested additional Admin help from "EPDOPAC", and several other good men came aboard.

Hancock Memorial Special Association Liaison Officers

Admin Department Email

Send Admin Mail

Shipmates, once again your Yeoman would like to thank all those who are jointly involved in helping the Yeoman to keep our Course True and to help and assist in our Mission to keep the Ship and Crew Alive for all time. As Bob Hope has always been known for saying, "Thanks for the Memories!", Let us also proudly say,

Thanks for the Memories, Hannah!

Although the Hancock Memorial has found necessity to make course changes from time to time, we want you to know, that our commitment to Ship and Crew is ever strong, and through our joint efforts, you'll find this Website steaming along hopefully, long into the 21st Century.

Let your Yeoman be perfectly clear - Our Combined Mission will not change. We will continue offering you a Cruise back in time aboard one of the Best Naval History Websites on the Internet, aboard the USS Hancock CV/CVA-19 Memorial. Please Bookmark the new Website Homeport address so you can keep up with our continued advances in our Mission.

As Always, Shipmates, thank you for your continued Support!


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