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U.S.S. HANCOCK CV/CVA-19 Association
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The USS HANCOCK CV/CVA-19 ASSOCIATION is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to perpetuate the memory of "THE FIGHTING HANNAH." We also organize reunions of ship's company, air group members, and Marines for the purpose of renewing acquaintances, exchanging memories, and making new friends among our shipmates. If you served aboard HANCOCK at any time from 1943 (commissioning was in 1944) to her decommissioning in 1976, you are eligible to become a regular (voting) member.

The Association holds a reunion, for its members, every two years. The first reunion held, which resulted in the formation of the Association, took place in Atlantic City in 1978. Our association was founded by Edmund Orchowski of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, a baker during HANCOCK's World War II service. He is still a very active member. Reunion history:

1978 - Atlantic City

1980 - Boston

1982 - San Diego

1984 - Charleston, SC

1986 - Chicago

1988 - New Orleans

1990 - Las Vegas

1992 - Seattle

1994 - Virginia Beach

1996 - Corpus Christi

1998 - Catskill Mtns, New York

2000 - San Diego

2002 - New Orleans

2004 - San Francisco

2006 - Charleston, SC

2008 - San Diego, CA

Past President Joe Bizet, who organized "Mini-reunions" at Branson, Missouri in 2001 and 2003, organized a mini-reunion at Bay St. Louis, Mississippi, in May 2007. About 50 people attended. It was a great get-together.

For Current Reunion Information always check in at our Reunion Page Here.

As a member of the Hancock Association, you will be eligible to attend reunions and you will receive the HANNAH NEWS, our Association newsletter, which is published quarterly in March, June, September, and December. Our dues, the largest part of which goes into the publishing and mailing of our newsletter, are $20.00 for two years. The first dues payment covers between one and two years, adjusted to make your membership end on July 31. Subsequently the dues cover a two-year period from August 1 to July 31. Life memberships are also available. New members are listed in the Hannah News and receive an Association roster.

The Association has space in the USS Yorktown Museum at Patriot's Point in Charleston, South Carolina. Our display there is very impressive, with memorabilia donated by association members. This exhibit was recently moved from the 02 level (CIC area) to a better, more weatherproof location on the second deck. The displays will be rotated, with artifacts being moved from and to storage periodically.

We also have a modest exhibit on board another ESSEX-class carrier that is now a Museum - the "USS LEXINGTON MUSEUM ON THE BAY" at Corpus Christi, Texas. LEXINGTON underwent the same conversions to angled deck, steam catapults, etc. that HANCOCK had incorporated in the 1950's. We need more artifacts for the HANCOCK display aboard LEXINGTON. Tom Wimberly is on site in Corpus Christi and would love to hear from you if you have something to donate.

The HORNET (CV-12) Museum at Alameda also receives our financial support, as does the MIDWAY (CV-41) Museum, which has been established with great success in downtown San Diego.

Relatives and survivors of those who have served aboard HANCOCK are eligible and welcome to be Associate (non-voting) Members of the Association.

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