Jake Jaccard, YN3

Jake Jaccard, Yeoman of Jake's 'USS Hancock CV/CVA-19 Memorial
To our Visitors to this solemn place. If you are wishing to add someone to these Taps Pages, please permit me to first offer my condolences in the loss of your Friend, Shipmate or Loved One.

It is with deep solemnity that this Website offers and provides this place of Honor and Tribute to those who no longer are with us and who have since 'Crossed over the Bar'. That's a Navy phrase, which finds its origin from the old Hymn, "Crossing the Bar" featured on these Memorial Pages after you hear Taps sounded., meaning they have left this world and cares for a much Higher Duty Station. The Words to "Crossing the Bar" can be found on the Special Page provided in this Section, on the Menu Above.

This place of Honor is dedicated to those who have gone on before us, but ever remembered by those who knew them and wish to keep their memory alive.

Therefore, please feel free to add the name of your loved one, friend or shipmate to the Taps Pages, as this space is provided for all of those who served aboard the U.S.S. HANCOCK CV/CVA-19. We reserve this Space for Hancock Shipmates only or those who served in our CAG (Carrier Air Groups).

The following is Important: Please provide us with as much information on the deceased as you can, which will be displayed for all visitors to see. Try your best to ascertain this information as best you can before you enter it, because it is very important to give true information here. Also, if you provide a photo, please be sure to have it resized to no larger than 640 pixels in either direction before you upload it. If you don't know how to do that, then send your photo as an attachment in an email to the Website Yeoman, Jake, using the Yeoman Chevron below. Wait until he returns it to you BEFORE adding your memorial because images cannot be added to memorials once they have been added.

Once again, I thank you, as does the rest of the HANCOCK's Crew survivors. This way, the Service and Commitment of your loved one, shipmate or friend will not be forgotten by those who visit this Memorial.

Please take a moment to reflect upon the Lives of these our Fallen Comrades and if you haven't entered here via our
Project Remembrance Page, then pause for a moment to remember their Service to our Country. Taps will be sounded once you select the Memorial Page(s). We will also offer the favorite hymn, "Crossing the Bar" as a reminder that these our loved ones, shipmates and friends are only 'away' and we will see them again when it is our time to pass over.

Best Regards,

Jake Jaccard, YN3, USNR, Retired
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