Sweepers man your brooms, clean sweepdown,
fore and aft..
Take all trash and garbage to the fantail

Who can forget the Sweepers call on the 1MC? This Bosun's call has forever been burned into my memory. I bet with all you old salts, it is as well. It just took hearing it here again, to bring it out of your old sea locker... am I right? It's these kind of sounds that really bring back the memories that we forgot about, and once hearing them, how much we long to hear them again in real time. I can remember the time when we had just set out for one of our cruises to Hawaii, that one young bosun up on the quarterdeck hauled out his bosun whistle and pressing the lever on the 1MC panel, began his pipe and followed it with, "Now sweepers, man your brooms, clean sweep down fore and aft.. take all trash and garbage to the pier.. (pause) woops! ahem.. take all trash and garbage to the fantail.. " It was an easy mistake to make, since often these calls became routine, specially this one: routine, yes, but a favorite, none-the-less.

These airdales here on the hangar deck, looked like they were really getting into the task.. check out the dude on the right, he was unmistakingly having a good time with that broom, look at that smile. Do you suppose he is the father of the kid who started the new hairstyle craze sweeping the nation? Actually, shipmates, the kids today with their buzz cuts got their great styles from us and our generation. Maybe they are starting to wake up and realize that pop and his generation aren't the nerds they thought we were. Ha ha!