The Fight'n Hanna

The Hancock steaming into the Gulf of Tonkin, November, 1963,
during the revolt that toppled the Diem Regime and ensnared
us in the Vietnam conflict.

Although she is now gone, those of us who served proudly aboard her will never forget her as the...

"Fighting Hannah"

a Noble and Proud Lady.


(Originally laid down as  TICONDEROGA)

Class - Essex (Long Hull) /aka/ Ticonderoga

Overall length: 888 feet, 5 inches x 93' x 28' 7" (Max)

Width-Flight Deck: 147 feet 8 inches.

Original displacement:  27,100 Tons.

Full-load displacement: 33,000 Tons.

Width-Water Line: 23 feet

Full Load Draft:  28 feet 6 inches.

Rated Speed: 30+ knots.

Designed Complement:  340 officers/2900 enlisted.

Engine:  Eight boilers, steam, oil-fired, four geared shafts and screws.

Armament 1945: 12 x 5"/38AA, 72-40 mm barrels (Quads as of 6/45: 2 at bow, 3 starboard below island, 2 starboard aft, 2 port forward, 2 at stern, 3 on island). 59-20mm barrels.

Armament Post 1954 recommissioning: 12 x 5"/38AA, 32 x 40mm, 46 x 20mm, 82 Aircraft.

Aircraft  Data: Nine to 16 steel arrestor cables aft. Two H-IVC catapults on foredeck, 86 ft 7 in. long, 7.3 tons thrust, could accelerate aircraft up to 90 mph. Hangar could accommodate 120 aircraft, plus another 80 on the flight deck. Normal aircraft complement was about 90. Parts on board were usually sufficient to replace 25% of the aircraft.

Armor:  4" Belt, 2 1/2" Hanger deck, 1 1/2" Deck, 1 1/2" Conning Tower (Island).  Armor belt at water line varied from 2.5 to 4 inches.

Radar:  SK, platform behind mast, installed 4/44.

Radio Masts: 4 aft deck edge, starboard side (2 removed 6/45).

Camouflage: Design 3A (4/44). Measure 12 (6/45). Later returned to Haze Gray.

Machinery: 150,000 SHP; Westinghouse Geared Turbines,
4 screws

Speed:  33 Knots, Crew:  3448.

Displacement after Final refitting:  45,000 tons

Original cost: $93,000,000

Named originally TICONDEROGA, her name was changed during construction to Hancock, to facilitate her financer, the John Hancock Insurance Corporation which sold $93,000,000 in War Bonds, and which company continued to provide needed repairs, and other amenities during the war for 'their' ship.

The ship  from that time onward, became a source of pride to the people of the John Hancock Insurance Corporation, but has always been a source of pride to those who sailed and sometimes died on or from her Flight Deck. To these, she has always honored our founding father, John Hancock, the signer of the Declaration of Independence.

Commanding Officers

Hanna Awards

For Actions during WWII, she received...

Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Ribbon

Five Engagement Battle Stars on her Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Ribbon:

1 - Operations off Leyte
2 - Operations off Luzon
3 - Operations off Iwo Jima
4 - Operations off Okinawa
5 - Third Fleet Operations off Japan

She also received two non-engagement stars on her Philippine Liberation Ribbon awarded by the government of the Philippines. The basic ribbon is earned for "taking part in the initial landing operations on Leyte"
(Ribbon not available at the moment)

The 1st Star is earned by "participation in any combat engagement with the enemy forces in the Philippines area".
The 2nd Star is earned by "service in the Philippines or in Philippine waters for 30 days or more during the period from
17 October 1944 through 3 September 1945"

Navy Unit Commendation
WWII Navy Unit Commendation
For Outstanding Heroism in Action

During 10 months of World War II combat, the Hancock's gunners (Air Groups) shot down 723 enemy planes and sank 17 warships and 31 merchant ships. Two hundred and twenty-one of her crewmen have died aboard the ship.

Hancock was awarded Five Battle Stars for action off Vietnam.

Humanitarian Service Medal
Humanitarian Service Medal

Humanitarian Service Medal
Bronze star in lieu of a 2nd Humanitarian Service Medal

Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal
Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal

Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal
Bronze star in lieu of a 2nd
Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal

The XO has some info on the AFEM

Meritorious Unit Commendation Medal CVA-19 & CVW-21
From 6 December 1965 to 25 July 1966
for combat operations in Southeast Asia
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Navy Unit Commendation
Navy Unit Commendation
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All personnel attached to the USS HANCOCK, or to her embarked air wing, and serving on board this vessel during the period designated above, or any part thereof, are hereby authorized to wear the Navy Unit Commendation Ribbon.

Your Yeoman is not sure about the Vietnam Navy Unit Commendation,
if it looks different than the WWII Ribbon

Meritorious Unit Commendation Medal CVA-19 & CVW-5

For meritorious achievement from 20 January 1967 to 14 July 1967 for combat operations in Southeast Asia

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Navy Unit Commendation
In 1975, the Navy Unit Commendation was presented to Commander,  Task Force 76 for service during Operations Eagle Pull and Frequent Wind, which Hanna played a major role in, and therefore, those involved also  can claim this medal
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Meritorious Unit Commendation presented to Commander, 7th Fleet,
same action above
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Hancock was the first carrier to receive the Navy Unit Commendation for both WWII & Vietnam.

Korean Defense Service Medal
Information Is Pending

(For Service during the Pueblo Incident)

Naval Effeciency Ribbon
The Battle Efficiency "E"

Previously, your yeoman had no knowledge that our ship and crew received the Battle Efficiency "E" but thanks to the EFFICIENCY of a former Crewmember, we now have bonafide information and details on this and other Awards our ship and crew received during her career. Jake would have liked to thank this Crewmember by acknowledgement here, but he wishes to remain anonymous, and so we can thank him to ourselves.

I apologize for my inefficiency in reporting Awards on this site, but up to last year, your Yeoman was a one-man show on the "Cyber-Hannah" but now that we have an Admin Department with highly qualified personnel, the site will henceforth report facts instead of suppositions. No Brig time for the Jakemeister, but the Captain did reorganize the seat of my pants and sent me back to the Captain's Office to fix the mistakes (again!) . Sure is nice to have great people helping out here! Please visit the Hannah Awards Information Center for the Updates on the Awards and Ribbons you may qualify for.