John Wayne, "The American" visits the Hannah
The Hancock Signature
June, 19..?

This article, also sent to us by Jack Downs of Midlothian, Illinois, will attest to the fact that "The American" - John Wayne came aboard the Hannah in June during that cruise and had a "close encounter of the Third Kind" with the young sailor Roy Deardorf, who had the misfortune of falling overboard and adrift in the South China Sea for over nine hours... Roy appeared on "I've got a Secret" some months later, and his secred wasn't that he fell overboard and was adrift for over 9 hours, or that he had a personal conversation with "The Duke," but that he was adrift in his birthday suit!!

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The Hancock Signature - John Wayne visits the HancockThe Hancock Signature - John Wayne visits the Hancock 

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