Sick Call

0800 - 1900 Daily
Emergencies - Anytime!

Remember the Sick Call Sign?I was fortunate to never have to make a visit to Sick Bay while on Hannah, but if you ever passed through the passageway to Sick Bay, Jake is not sick!you would remember the lines of guys waiting to get in. The picture here will help you remember.

The only health problem I ever had while on ship was being bitten by some mysterious bug, that left big red welts all over my body.  If you know what kind of bug lives on a ship that can do this sort of thing, I'd appreciate hearing from you. Bed Bugs? Is that possible?

Don't get too close to these sorry Sailors!Hancock Yeoman EaterI wondered if I was just getting allurgic to shipboard life.. Who

the heck didn't?The looks on these guys faces tells you that they sure were. Memories sweet memories, right? I sure hope that I have helped you with your own.  This website has been a great boon for me, as I have enjoyed my own return to my youth, and my life on the Fighting Hannah.  

Even Ensigns got sea sick.. this one thought a shot would cure him! If you were a corpsman and served on the Hancock, you'd do us all a great favor by writing your memoirs and contributing them to the Oral History Site.  We know about the lines to Sick Bay, We know the shots, the grimmaces; the big tough guys fainting when you gave them shots.. but we'd like to hear it from your perspective. So get busy and write about it, and share it with everyone who visits here.
One such Corpsman, HN1 Bill Shipley did contribute some to the site. Please go to the
Oral Histories site and read about his story about an Emergency Breakaway, during a refueling unrep.

Now these were really sick to be hospitalized!

click patch for larger image.

Medical Department Patch was provided by
Shipmate Robert J. "Bob" Chalfant, HM3, USN (Ret)
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Last updated 26 May 2007