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Jake, I took the following pictures during the chaos on Hannah during the evacuation of Saigon in 1975. I didn't see much mentioned about this time on your Website, so I thought you'd care to have some pictures that I had time to take during the long and difficult time we put in to the evacuation and fall of Saigon and south Vietnam... Bruce "Doc" Collison.

Pictures of Refugee who landed on the Flight Deck

Picture of the Marine Detachment at Cubi Point Naval Air Station, P.I., assembling for the Evacuation

Hancock was redesignated LPH during a short time, during Operations "Eagle Pull" and "Frequent Wind"
Read about it

This picture shows the wear and tear of the Hancock during the Vietnam War Years;
It was apparent that she was reaching the end of her illustrious career, as rust and wear was
overlooked to keep her on line. There were some tenuous moments when the dangers of her
condition nearly cost her life, yet she worked on and continued the struggle during these times. If
you remember this particular time, in the Indian Ocean, please Email the Yeoman who needs some Oral
History on this time, where Hancock nearly sunk (see Email Link below).

Bruce is looking to hear from others who were aboard during this time!

Submitted Tuesday, December 30, 2003, 7:25:18 PM
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Hancock Galleries Launch

The late Courtland "Corky" Johnson writes about this bit of history in his Memoirs

A son of a Vietnamese Refuge, Laird Le's Serendipity Page (this site)

Read Cpl Daniel Snuffer, USMC Sentiments of the Hancock

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