Contributed by the Late Courtland R. "Corky" Johnson, NCCM(SW), USN

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Rig for Silent Running


by Courtland R. "Corky" Johnson, NCCM (SW) (Carrier Counselor)

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"When I think of a shipmate, I think of that Sailor who works side by side with you every day. It's that Sailor who shares the rough times, as well as the good times. It's that Sailor who goes to general quarters and battle stations with you when tragedy strikes; and that same Sailor that you will entrust with your life. True shipmates are those Sailors with whom you make lifetime friendships that can never be compared to anything. There is no other job comparable to the U.S Sailor. We have put our lives in harm's way for what we believe in. We have sacrificed time away from our families and loved ones when the rest of the world is working from 9 to 5 and going home to their loved ones.

That individual word "shipmate" means so much to me. So next time you hear a Sailor call someone
shipmate, know it is a compliment. He is saying," We are friends."

I take the word shipmate very seriously. I take it with pride and honor along with all Sailors before us who served their country with honor, courage, and commitment. They have passed on this tradition with meaning and sacrifice.

Always be proud of who and what you are. Never dishonor yourself or your Shipmates~

"You gotta stop and think about your shipmates. That's what makes you a great person and a great leader - taking care of each other. You've got to think -- team. It takes a team to win any battle, not an individual."

by the Late Courtland R. "Corky" Johnson

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