The Fighting Hannah

Tony Rucker, AK3, USN Retired

Jake, I was in S-6 Division '70-'72, made 2 Westpacs. I'm from Atlanta, Georgia but have lived in Santa Clara, California since '74. Damn FINE website, man. God bless ya for all your hard work.

Here's some pictures I scanned, should you decide to publish any or all, please drop me a line. Take care and thanks again for what you're doing, shipmate.

Tony Rucker, AK3
S-6 Division
1970 thru 1972
Write Tony

Christmas Card purchased at Ship's Store and sent home - early 1970's

A Hancock Christmas Card sent home Christmas 1970

Here's Hannah steaming to Sydney ( I was in the "Y" , honestly!) Taken on WestPac '71

Hi Sydney - A salute to our Australian Friends on R & R 1971

Having a kinship with the "Aussies" the Hancock was always happy to steam to Sydney for some much needed R & R. Here we show our own style of Hancock friendliness.. in a Big HI SYDNEY salute

Here's some of S-6 Division. I'm not in this one.

S-6 Division stops to have a picture on the Flight Deck

Here I am, blonde dude with head touching the right plane number ZERO, my left elbow on the red prop kill zone line.

S-6 Division standing next to a E1-B
Pictured next to a E-1B Tracer "Willy Fudd" of VAW-11 Detachment Lima

Me (far left) and some fellow S-6 and TAD dudes from VF-24 and VF-211 in the P.I., obviously, messed up - Oh my gosh! San MAGOOO beer!

Hannah berthed at NAS/NARF Alameda, circa 1970.
Check out the RARE '59 Chevy El Camino to the right!

Tony contributed the Match Book and Zippo lighter (below) as seen on previous page...

My baby Zippo
I quit smoking in 1987 after 22 years.
If I were to fill it up with fluid right now, I just KNOW it would strike on the SECOND try!

Please Read an Important Message by clicking on the Lighter

A match book from the Fighting Hannah
A small little Memory Jogger - a Match book from Ship's Store

This is it for now, Jake. Good luck and God speed.

Tony Rucker, AK3
S-6 Division
1970 thru 1972

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