Laird Le, son of a Vietnamese Refugee

Shipmates.. Occasionally we receive Emails from those who were associated with the USS Hancock in some way, OTHER than serving aboard her. The following story is not unique, and many of our own former shipmates can relate with this story, as they served aboard during Operations "Eagle Pull" and "Frequent Wind" - the Evacuation of Laos and Vietnam in 1975.

Laird Le is the son of a Vietnamese Refugee who left Vietnam during these dark days. He left hastily, with what he could carry on his back and in a piece of luggage. The Luggage mentioned here has now become a part of our Serendipity Pages, because of its uniqueness.

Finding our Website on the Internet was like opening up a door for Laird. He wrote your Yeoman in April of 2003, "Jake, I'm sending you a photograph attached to this Email. It's the seal on my father's Samsonite luggage when he left Vietnam in 1975. He was a Vietnamese refugee who left on the "Hanna" after the fall of Saigon. Eventually, my father helped many Vietnamese refugees make the transition into American life and was recognized for his work by President Ford.

"Thanks for creating this site... and I will share it with my father.

Laird Le,
Director of Information Systems,
The Fairmont Hotel - Chicago, IL
(Laird Le)

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