The Fighting Hannah

Gary 'Ozzie' Osborne, PH3, USN Retired

The public Information office on Hancock was the center of Hancock's PR force, and administered under the Admin Department or the X-Division. They also published a Ships News Paper called the "Signature", "All Hands" and other publications. Here's an article sent to me by shipmate Gary "Ozzie" Osborne who stated:


Found this photo in my April 1971 issue of All Hands. It was in response to Z-Gram 68. The unidentified Squid is me. Photo taken by PH2 Ken Dean. Wish I could find My copy of the Carrier. There I am identified. Got to find my photos cause I just got a new scanner. And, yes Mike Postolan, Sr., (contributor of the
Postolan Gallery) was my CPO on that cruise.

Ozzie (PH3 Gary Osborne)
Wednesday, January 24, 2007 5:57 PM

Gary 'Ozzie' Osborne, PH3 looks at his Civies aboard Hancock

Gary 'Ozzie' Osborne, PH3 checks out his Civies aboard Hancock

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