The Fighting Hannah

"Doc" Andrew H.Gibbons, Seaman 1/c USNR - Deceased
V-3 Division - Ordnance - VF Fighters - Magic Carpet
1944 - Decommissioning

Andy in his Air Force Officer's uniformOn 31 October 2007, I received a message from Capt. Tom Wimberly of the Hancock Association, informing me that our good friend and Shipmate, Dr. Andy Gibbons - a Hancock Association member for many years - had passed on to Glory. We of the HANCOCK Community were deeply saddened to hear of this tremendous loss of a wonderful and faithful friend.

Andy has contributed so much to this Website in various galleries which gives him a tremendous presence on this Website, and hence he will be exceptionally missed here aboard the "Cyber-Hannah CB-19" - Andy was a "Magic Carpet" Hancock Sailor and came aboard right after the end of the War in 1945 on through to decommissioning in 1946.

In 2006, he donated his copy of the "The Service Book of Scripture, Prayer and Hymns" which was supplied by the YMCA through the USO Organization; his contributions continued with the other memorabilia which we proudly display here.

Some of his contributions were sent on to the USS LEXINGTON Ship Museum located at Corpus Christi, Texas, and are on display there. If you visit there, look for his 'Service Book of Scripture, Prayer and Hymns" and his Blue Jacket's Manual and "This is Your Navy" - to mention a few.

The Yeoman felt that this sort of memorabilia should be donated to one of the existing Essex Class Carrier Museums. Since the USS Lexington located at Corpus Christi, Texas has an existing Hancock Room where people can view objects of the Hancock Experience, your Yeoman decided to donate Andy's memorabilia there. However, I also decided that this is truly a good Page to put pictures of Andy's donated articles which he desired to share. Below is a picture of Seaman Gibbons with some of his pals...

Your Yeoman can't over-express his gratitude for what "Doc" Gibbons has done for this website, as well as the "Mark" he has made on me personally. A Man of Faith has certain values; his values have shown forth, not in his words, but his actions... and I know he perused over the pages of this book many times over the course of the years, and I know that giving up something as valuable as this little book, so others could share in it is another indication of the metal of this man.

Sail on, "Doc" Andy! We will miss you, but we will never forget you!

The size of the "Service Book of Scripture Prayer and Hymns" is 4" x 2.5" and fit quite well in one's pocket.


Andy in early 2007 donated another bit of Navy Memorabilia which none of us can ever forget. We received these "Little Gifts" from Uncle Sam as soon as we got settled in at Boot Camp. Who can forget the "Bluejackets' Manual" or "This is YOUR NAVY"? - You can see that our Shipmate, Andy Gibbons, penciled in his name and his 'Home of Record' on the cover...

"This is a Bulkhead Void Marker from the USS Hancock with my only dog tag. I found the Void Marker in July 1945, when leaving her for the last time to be discharged. This is my most treasured memory item from World War II.

I had my Dog tag placed over the Marker and then framed, which I had on my wall till recently when I decided to donate it to the HANCOCK Room aboard the USS Lexington Museum in Corpus Christi, TX, in May 2005. I would rather it go there than for my children to fight over it. This way it can serve the ship and the Museum and those who value Naval History.

I was 20 when I got the bulkhead Marker as we left the ship in dry-dock at Bremerton, Washington. It is now framed with my only dog tag. The other Dog tag 'disappeared' mysteriously after I'd left the Air Force as a Major in 1971.

Seaman First Class on the Hannah was my 'grandest' rank ever, including the Doctorate I earned later in my life.

The Picture Post Card (below) was my only letter mailed from our ship with the ship address, rather than a "FPO" (Fleet Post Office) number as Return Address. So for me, at least, it is also rare. The word "Free" instead of a postage stamp was the practice during the War years, and today nearly forgotten.

Air War Pacific - Christy Campbell - ISBN0-517-03084-5I also donated a book, "Air War Pacific: The Fight for Supremacy in the Far East: 1937 to 1945", by Christy Campbell (ISBN 0-517-03084-5) to the Museum, which mentions HANCOCK & LEXINGTON - and a day I well remember when we lost so many lives on the flight deck. The LEXINGTON, with whom we were often in port and at sea together, felt very close to me.

My kids would like to have the Dog Tag, but it has been with the plaque since 1945 and should remain there.

Jake, thanks for being part of my memory of Hannah. I approve of the Museum! I appreciate your help in preserving our "home away form home".

Doctor Andrew H. Gibbons,
Logan, Utah

Post Card Front with picture of the Hancock
Front - click image to magnify

Post card back with message to Andy's Sister
Back - click image to magnify

Some other areas of this Website where Andy has contributed or made his mark are...

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Dr. Andy Gibbons, Phd
former Hancock Shipmate
V-3 Division
1944 through Decommissioning

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