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U.S.S. Hancock CV/CVA-19 Memorial Searching Suggestions

Hello Visitor! If you are trying to find out information on someone you know who served in USS HANCOCK, Since we don't keep any records of our past Crew, may I suggest the following for you:

Hancock History: We have a large amount of Hancock WWII history, both in the History Section and also in our Public Galleries. Follow these links:
History: www.usshancockcv19.com/history.htm
Galleries: www.usshancockcv19.com/galleries.htm
Our Shipmate's Galleries are located Here:

Note our WWII Section is here:

Shipboard life can best be witnessed by visiting the Hub Gallery:

You can also search WWII using our Search Engine on the Home Page
www.usshancockcv19.com or going here.

Sadly, we don't keep personal histories of everyone who served in Hancock, but a close look at the History will give you knowledge of what life was like back in the War years. However, life aboard can often can be enjoyed by reading our Oral History Pages:
www.usshancockcv19.com/oralhistory/ (this is a place to reflect on life in the Navy, shared by our Shipmates).

We have a couple pretty good videos from WWII era here:

If you wish to continue searching for your friend or loved one's history, you might try our Lost and Found Page. It gives you links to governmental offices and sites where you can possibly discover their service record.
Anything worth having is worth putting in the time on this page.. Go here:

Note that you can also go to the USS Hancock Association's site, where you'll 1) be able to join the Association as an Associate Member
if a family member, and meet other WWII crew members by attending our Bi-Annual Reunions; these great guys can "brief" you on what life was like back then; perhaps one of them may remember your friend or family member?

2) You can place a comment in the Quarterdeck Log regarding their service; I have no doubt at all, that someone will respond to your search.
Be sure to leave your email address there. Also, place some comments in the Scuttlebutt section. The link to the Association's site is:
www.usshancockassociation.org. Welcome Aboard!

You may find someone who knew your friend or loved one with your comment in our Guest Book also. Go Here:

If your friend or loved one has passed on, you can put a picture of him and some words about him in our taps section:
Note that using the Taps Section is a Privilege; please honor it as such. Suggestion: Write a brief Biography/Eulogy of the person, and 2, resize a nice photo (perhaps of him when he was in the Navy) to 640x480 pixels for upload before you go there. The Program will attempt to resize it automatically, but if you do it yourself, you can help get your taps listed faster. Go here for the Taps Section: www.usshancockcv19.com/taps/.

Thanks for remembering our Veterans, we are a Free People today because of them!

Best Regards,
Jake Jaccard, YN3, USNR (R) '61-'67
Web Yeoman, USS Hancock CV/CVA-19 M emorial


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