Where Uncommon Valor has always been common place!

This Website takes great Pride in the people of America, a Land of Promise, where courage and tenacity have always been the benchmark of a Free People.

On September 11, 2001, once again, our people faced the Crucible of Test and in spite of the terrible blow to our nation and our people, we have again stepped forward to demonstrate our indomitable will to survive amid chaos and destruction. This same desire will enable this great Nation to continue when other nations absent of such lofty Goals and Godly ideals will be forgotten in the dust of time.

This Website wishes to remember all of those Heroes, whether military, public servant or civilian who struggled to keep this nation Free, and a Beacon to the World, and is dedicated in part to those who lost their lives in such a noble struggle.

May God always Bless America, and may we strive to be worthy of His Blessings

America, turn to God!

Get involved - Write your President, Congressmen
and Senators

God, A Marine and a Spider's Web
When we feel we are facing insurmountable odds, and have no hope..

Please Participate in Project 'Remembrance'


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