Now Relieve the Watch

Officer of the Deck on the Bridge to relieve the watch..

I could have taken this picture from my Watch Station,
behind the Captain

The Quartermaster of the Watch

Do you remember the watches you stood? The picture above is the wheel Jake,  Yeoman on the on the Bridge.. and a Quartermaster was usually at the wheel. My shipmate Dennis Milliken often stood this duty. I am sure this picture will conjure up old memories of standing this watch for many a quartermaster and helmsman. You can read Dennis' story in the Oral Histories. He has a nice pleasant way of telling you his sea stories and I recommend you read them, along with all the other stories there...

I often stood watch on the Bridge. I was the Captain's phone talker, and stood behind his chair and it was my duty to give the Captain any information on the pilots or planes set for launch. It was an exciting watch, and when I was up on the Bridge, I felt like I was in the "Real Navy"... no words can quite describe this feeling, unless you, yourself have experienced duty on the Bridge, especially during flight quarters.