Protestant Devotions, Ship's Training Room

Chaplain Joseph F. Parker, CHC, USN

CDR Joseph F. Parker, Senior Chaplain, 1944-45 
The Yeoman would like to honor Commander Parker, Protestant Chaplain during WWII on this Page. The following was submitted as a Taps Memorial by CDR Joseph Parker's son, Clifton. You may go to our Taps Memorials to read more of this Memorial.

Joseph F. Parker, CDR, USN, Senior Chaplain aboard Hannah 1944-45

Joseph F. Parker (May 12, 1909-November 28, 1988) joined the United States Naval Reserve in April, 1941. He was a Southern Baptist minister and was commissioned as an officer in the Chaplain Corp. Initial duty assignment was the USS Chaumont, a military transport ship. This ship was in a small convoy of Navy ships on a voyage to Australia one week out of Pearl Harbor when they got word that the Japanese had attacked Pearl Harbor. He served on the Chaumont till 1943 and was assigned to the Norfolk Navy Yard. In Dec. 1944 he was transferred to Pearl Harbor and joined the USS Hancock in Jan. 1945 and served through the Pacific campaigns and the end of the war. He was detached in November, 1945.

During your Yeoman's time aboard the Hanocck (1962-1964), the following man, Lt. Baxter was Protestant Chaplain....

Lt. Baxter, Protestant chaplain

LT Baxter, CHC, USN - Protestant Chaplain - 1962-64

Protestant Devotions, Ships training Room
Lieutenant Baxter was our Protestant Chaplain. He was a good man, and I attended his services as often as I could. Sometimes, we'd have a nice large meeting on the Hangar deck.

Lt Baxter was a Baptist by denomination, but he ministered to all the Protestants on the ship, and he showed a real caring spirit, and didn't care what denomination you were a member of, he had a strong shoulder and a willing ear to listen to your concerns and spiritual needs. Without our Chaplains on ship, I often wonder how any of us could have faced the enemy or another day.

Our Chaplains taught us that what we did on Hannah meant more than just to Country; that it was to God we owed our deepest gratitude and it should be to Him that we should seek spiritual solace and peace, and it should be to Him we should pray for protection as we did our duty on the Seas. With such Faith, Hannah was always able to complete her WestPac deployments, and was able to come home safely, even in wartime. The scripture that comes to mind at this time is, "Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord!" *

* Psalms Chapter 33, Verse 12.
Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD; and the people whom he hath chosen for his own inheritance.