Printable Hancock Pictures

Printable Pictures

Welcome to Jake's 'Yankee Station' - U.S.S. Hancock CV/CVA-19 Memorial !

Hello Visitor! I am Jake the Yeoman of this Website. Some of you have voiced a desire to have a good printable picture of the Hancock, above are smaller examples of what you will find here in this Section and are full-size images, suitable to place in a nice frame for Den wall or office, which you can show with pride. More will be added as they become available. They are not provided that you might sell on eBay or some other 'For Sale' venue - that is FORBIDDEN! These are U.S. Navy owned Images provided only for Private Use, not for Sale!

These Images are all in the area of 1936 pixels wide by 1520 pixels high, or
9.680" wide by 7.600" - Resolution is 200 dpi and all are
Suitable for Framing

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Gate Keeper to this Protected Area

Sorry but we must use a Gate Keeper since these Photos are U.S. Navy Property and because there are some unscrupulous characters that would get these images to sell on eBay or other For Sale Sites, We've had to protect this Section of the Website. These images are for those Crew Members who sailed on the "Fighting Hannah" and their families and no one else. So you need to pass through the Main Gate like we had to do at NAS Alameda.. remember?

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In order to Log In to this Private Gallery, we have in place two Sections of Questions,

1) For USS Hancock Personnel or 2) their family members.

Only ONE Answer is needed

Crew Members

1) What was the USS Hancock Hull Number?

2) In WWII, while the Hancock was in the Far East, her Staging Area was....? (first of two words, starts with a 'U')

3) in WWII, the Hancock was commanded first by Captain ....? Or by ....?

4) For Post-WWII personnel, The Brig in the Navy was tended by whom?

5) The Hancock was the first American Carrier fitted with 1) _____Cats or 2) a Hurricane____?

Sand Crabs (Civilians)

1) The Common name for the Vietnam Veterans Memorial?

2) What was the Tin Man going to Oz for? Or the Scarecrow?

3) How many stars in the Flag?

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