My Beloved Sister Cheryl E. Cowart
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My Sister, Cheryl Ellen Cowart - Click Me!

of my Soul

My Poetry and Deepest Thoughts in prose and Writing

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What is a Sister?

A Sister is a Guardian Angel, while in the world she lives,
She never fails to think of you; her heart she always gives,

A Sister's words are comfort, while she herself is pained,
She never stops her giving, no matter what is gained,

Her thoughts are kindness perfected, her goodness always true,
She never thinks of herself, her needs, yet is always there for you,

She takes the little love that's given, and from it, she grows a Tree,
And on that Tree she cultures Love, her Spirit to set free

I often think of the tender times, of life, that now have passed,
And comes the thoughts of things she's done, the things that always lastů

Other thoughts oft come to mind, of the selfless way's she's cared,
In her life, her love, her self, the treasures she has shared.

A Sister is a Bit of Heaven, God has sent to Earth,
Nothing comes as close to Him, Nothing holds such worth.

And this is why I send to you, this Card, that it may in some way,
Impart my deepest thoughts to you, on this, your Special Day.

Originally written for a Home Made Card I gave her on Mother's Day

Jake - 1963
Kenneth W. Jaccard
Copyright © December 6, 2001
All Rights Reserved