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Fighting Ships

by Cpl Daniel Snuffer, USMC, 1972
1/9/3 - "The Walking Dead"

We have been born from lumber mills in the Revolutionary War.
We have protected America’s interest from every foreign shore.
We have often stood steadfast in strife, from every foreign threat.
We have stood up to injustice, liberty's enemies we have met.

We have been born from foundry mills, in the Civil War.
We always stand for freedom, but sometimes a little more.
We make the fight for freedom, for those that are not free.
We fly our country’s flag so proud, now think: what could I be?

I am an American Fighting ship, built to go into harms way.
I stand for peace and liberty and often get into war's fray.
My awesome power is evident for I was built that way.
I am a mighty reminder of hope, as peace-loving people pray.

During the affairs of men and steel the two they mold as one.
Men of steel and Ships congeal; many battles we have won.
We have been born from smoke and ash during World War Two.
We have put to sea out numbered, but to honor, we still hold true.

We have been born on peacetime shores to ensure it stays that way.
We are home. To fighting men there's not much more to say.
We have gone to the bottom fighting when there’s little else men could do.
But know this well: a fighting ship lives, as long as it has a crew.

Dedicated, to the fighting ships that protect us and the crews that man them.

Respectfully submitted,
Daniel Snuffer
Just a Marine

Submitted 29 December 2007
© 2007 - All Rights Reserved

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