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These are Not Mine
but worth Reading
- between these Lines -

Veterans Day

This Poem is by my Sister
Cheryl Jaccard Cowart and
Dedicated to me on
Veterans Day,
November 11, 2006

American Hero

Another Great Poem is by my Sister
Cheryl Jaccard Cowart, who sent me
Here 2012 Veterans Day Gift of Love and
Remembrance. She wanted me to share
it with all of my Friends - so Here it is


An American Hero

Our Web Site's Honorary Featured Peom
Written by the Most decorated man in American History

Audy Murphy

The Epic of the USS Hancock

as told by CPL Daniel R. Snuffer , USMC (Ret) , a combat seasoned Marine who came aboard as a USMC Security Force during Operations 'Eagle Pull' and 'Frequent Wind' - the Evacuation Operations of Cambodia & Laos and Saigon, 1975

To Those Who Answered the Call to Serve

Written more recently, it conveys deep emotions shared with those who faced the guns

Making Sense of It All

A Veteran seeks to deal with the War as it continues to Rage

Inner Strife: Coming Full Circle

As anyone dealing with PTSD knows, the inner Battles continue...

No More Sad Good-byes

A tribute to Cpl Gary Nels Nelson, for his Mom and Dad

Survivor's Guilt

Written for those who suffer it everyday..

Tribute to an Old Soldier

Tribute to An Old Soldier, and Trusted Friend,
Staff Sgt. Arthur E. Krenn


Dedicated to those who still have Battles to Win

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