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Our Choicest Sons

Another Choice Poem to Honor
all our Veterans - which Honors me,
as well, written by my Sister,
Cheryl Jaccard Cowart and
Dedicated to me on
Memorial Day, 2015

Veterans Day

These Poems are by my Sister
Cheryl Jaccard Cowart and
Dedicated to me on
Veterans Day,
November 11, 2006

American Hero

Another Great Poem is by my Sister
Cheryl Jaccard Cowart, who sent me
Here 2012 Veterans Day Gift of Love and
Remembrance. She wanted me to share
it with all of my Friends - so Here it is



This Poem is by my Sister
Cheryl Jaccard Cowart and
Dedicated to me on
Veterans Day,
November 11, 2013

A Tribute to a Well-Lived Life

This Poem was written by
Jake Jaccard to remember
the Love between a Couple
that has spent 67 years together

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Our Glorious "Old Glory"

A Patriotic Poem by Jake's Sister
Cheryl Jaccard Cowart

Dream'n of Home

A Simple few lines expressing
how deeply a Sailor's mind was
impressed about our Floating
City on the Sea

Come Follow Me

Our Lord has never left us Comfortless... This poem, though
short, spells out how that Comfort
can be ours

Life's Clock

It is important that we take the time to Love and tell those you care about, that you do.
When you hear the ticking of a Clock, it should remind you that your own time is running out, and there are things you need to say and do. Never let the day end, without telling that Special Someone you Love them!

Love, it's a Wondrous

When someone is in love, it is easy to write poetry. This one came out of my head when I was young and in love.

That's the Charlene I know

This Poem was written for a dear friend who I have known since High School Days.

The Good Ship Love

This Poem is dedicated to Sailors who go down to the Sea in Ships. Only a Sailor knows where his true 'Home Port' is and where 'Safe Harbor' lies.

Long Before It All Began

My Cousin and Life-loing Friend
Preston Campbell celebrated
his 69th Birthday on 16 Dec 2011
I felt this would be a good time
to honor him with this Special
inspiring poem to his Whole life

My Love, My California

Having lived in California from 1949 to 1969, the place has an enchantment that few other places have with me. To me it is "Home" - the Place by which I judge all other places. It is only fitting I write about my Love of California.

What is a Sister?

This Poem came from a deep feeling of Gratitude for a Caring and Loving Sister who has never failed me in Friendship and Support..Originally written for a Home Made Card I gave her on Mother's Day'


This Poem came from a deep devotion to the Living God, when looking at the Mortal Condition from the Eternal Aspect.

Emerald Zelda,
Flower of the Night

I wrote this Poem for my daughter Melissa. At the time, she was interested in the celtic mysteries. It was intended only as a Fun Poem, but she loved it, so I share it with you here.

The Essense of Self

This Poem, an immature example, was written when I was in the Navy and recently updated.

To Dad

My Dad was my 'Moses'. I followed him wherever he ked ne, because I trusted in his Wisdom, his guidance and his Love.

Mother of Mine

My Mother was my 'Best Friend'. She died when I was 15, and this period of my life produced many poems of similar nature.

A Mother's Love

I wrote this Poem for my Sister who lost her youngest son, Nathaniel, in a dreadful head-on collision in 2000.

I love my Dad

Nathanial had one child, a son, Spencer Douglas, who misses his daddy a great deal. I wrote this Poem to help him remember his Dad.

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Old Friends

I have always held my friends on a high pedistal. To me, Friends are the Jewels in our Crown. This poem reflects the esteem I hold on Friendship, especially our Oldest and Dearest Friends.

Israel's Camp

In 1971, I joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints -The Mormon Church - This Poem was inspired by the hardships the Saints endured during their transcontinental exodus to Utah in the 1840's.

Gazing out to Sea

No one really knows what 'Inner Peace' one finds while at sea until they've lived it.
This 'Picture Poem' reflects my feelings while 'Gazing out to Sea' in 1963

To Soar on the
Wings of Eagles

A Dream I had in 1999 inspired this short Story.

The Legend of
the Holly Bush

A Lyrical Story of the Holly Bush - A Christmas Story

The Fallacy of Death

Being a Spiritual Person, I felt a need to express to all that it truly is not death to die.

Words of Wisdom

Some thoughts for Losing a Loved one, Especially in War and dealing with it Now and Later.

A Mother Sublime

Mothers are Gods Promise that Life should Continue

Let Us Be Thankful

A Thanksgiving Prayer

With a Nation going through Biblical Prophetic Throws these days, it becomes apparent just how much we truly need to be Thankful for all we have and all we can Hope for.

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