To Soar
by Jake Jaccard

A Remembrance from a Night Vision on 27 January 1999

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Although it began many years ago, tonight, it came to me in a night vision. He was gentile, kind and thoughtful. He seemed to really care about me, and my mental struggles. He was genuine and caring. I know my soul had hungered for the likes of him for so many years.. but his message to me this night was not kindness, caring or sympathy for my vexed soul. It was a voice of warning, for which he came. Who was this mystic person out of the night? Was it just another dream? Or was it reality come a calling, to give me the answers that I had longed to hear for so many years?

I had often wondered the true essence of life for the reality was not convincing enough to me to have the answers I craved. Who is man, and what is his potential was always a concern. It seemed it has been a concern to mankind throughout the ages, but the answers came to those obscure people in only fragments and concepts, which were not provable. But then is any concept truly provable, outside of the laboratory? Specially when one is dealing with the subjective; it is often hard to prove these things. Man has, after all, been an objective beast since his very dawning in that far off World before this one was formed, where we once did soar on Wings of Eagles...

But the concept of our being came to me in clarity, while within the sleepy wakefulness of my night vision. He was a beautiful man. He was as natural as you and I.. yet he could fly. All my life, I remembered having dreams of being able to soar about the housetops. And then waking, always passing this off as just another dream with its cryptic message, which few mortals have ever really tried to unveil. Yet, the thought to me this night, was bold and forthright: It was the truth, as I now believe. Those many dreams of soaring were not just cryptic messages out of one’s nocturnal night ramblings.. it was the truth. We can soar! I know it now. That was our past, before our birth, and will become our future. No, not just soaring about physical things, but soaring above everything. In that day, the power of the mind will be soaring; the power of the body will be soaring; the power of the spirit will forever soar. In that Day, we will fly!

We just have not untapped that wonderful power that has always been a part of our being. Some who live have been blessed with uncommon vision and power. To some, we listen, to others, we cast off their contribution as meaningless or excuse their power as just a form of their own insanity surfacing.

Many ancient and modern seers have been stoned or killed for their abilities, while the message was not listened to or heard. They essentially stoned the messenger, thinking to destroy the message, yet Holy Writ is full of such stories, and while they say they believe what’s written between the covers of the Book, they refuse to accept the message. Nothing has changed… yet we can soar!

When Christ was Perfected after his resurrection, he came and went in the wisp of the moment. Always this way, did he make his comings and his goings. On the day of Ascension, he then revealed his power to soar in the most magnificent way.. he rose up above those he chose as his witnesses, up, up, up into the cloud, until he disappeared from their view. Christ soared! So did this beautiful person who came to me in my night vision. He not only soared, but he caused those with him to soar as well. Who is he?

His message to me, however was not comforting or glad tidings, but a message of warning, of many Woes to come to this earth soon, for the End of all that we know today, to be common and natural is soon to come to this weary world. In that day, all worthy mankind will soar with Him. Then we will soar forever after. It is our destiny, to move, breath, love and give council in this new life we will soon be given. And not in the spirit will we exist, there soaring. We will have bodies of parts and all the human passions we now possess will, in that day, be perfected also, and in that state forever, will we soar.

There are so many other wonderful truths of our being that yet will be revealed to us when this day shall dawn. Someone1 who had the vision once said, "…in that day, we will be able to see all around ourselves as if we had eyes in the back of our head. Even out of our fingertips, will sight be given, and our Light shall shine forth…"

Another visionary, the Apostle Paul, once said in 2 Corinthians 12:2, that he "knew" an man who was ‘caught up to the third heaven’ and he saw wondrous things that he cannot speak of, for the lack of words to describe, or was forbidden to speak of them by the Higher Power, as was also the experience of a modern seer 1. The play on words here is ‘caught up’ - Moses spoke of this power as well; he also spoke of being ‘caught up’ and the ‘Place’ he was taken to, was indescribable and unspeakable .

No one can forget what Soaring Power, Enoch of Old, son of Jared and father of Methuselah possessed as he and his whole City of Zion soared 2 to the Heights of God's Glory - a World that only exists in the minds of mortals, not seen. The Same World that Moses and Elias discovered in a Twinkling - surely They could Soar!

What is this essence that we shall one day possess that makes the soul yearn for? The Power of God, for we know that He lives, moves and has His Being in great, indescribable Eternal Power and Majesty.

The Apostle Paul put forth in 1 Corinthians 2:9: "Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard; neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love Him.."

We can soar! However, to soar, we must today, develop our ‘wings’ and spread them forth. The fact that this ability was figuratively described by the writers of ancient scripture, was not just poetic in nature. They were describing an ability which they could only relate to as that power possessed by birds and other flying creatures.. wings are not a part of the Angel’s anatomy, anymore than they will be part of our future perfected anatomy. Yet, we will soar and will ‘mount up, on the wings of Eagles.." I know that we will possess this wonderful power to motivate in that day. Our dreams of such power is but a vague vestige of our former life and self.

How many of mankind has dreamed and desired this wonderful power to soar? Today some are fulfilling this need, by strapping on huge wings and jumping off high and lofty precipices, soaring, as it were with Eagles. Others have climbed in supersonic jets, to soar up near the sun. Man has learned to soar in a natural way, but the day will dawn when he will need none of these artificial means to soar with eagles. They then will just ‘Will to be where they wish, and then be there in an instant.

I once had what I call, a near-death soaring experience. I was very sick with a high fever. Psychologists will always excuse this off, as the ramblings of a fever- borne mind. I soared in the room where I lay on my bed. I rose up near the ceiling, and peered down on my lifeless body laying there on the bed below. I passed out of the room into a place, I can no longer recall; but I was soaring.

I have heard others relate this feeling of out-of-body experience, so I felt that my own was not strange or uncommon, but just a state of what lies ahead for us mortals.

To Soar is man’s desire; his destiny, if he seeks the Light, is to soar with the Best. No longer, in that day will we be forever earthbound.

He came to me in the silence and peacefulness of the night, and, putting his loving arms around me, we rose up and up we went, high above the world, and I could look down and found no fear in me. His loving arms were around me, and for the first time in my life, I felt completely at peace, and happy. I wanted more of this… then I awoke.

It was not a dream, but a wonderful Promise to me that one day I’d soar and be free of the limitations of mortal life, along with freedom from the cares and concerns of this physical plane. I today, long to see this mysterious visitor again.. Perhaps I’ll soar again with him? I certainly hope so.

To me this dream has come to give me comfort in my life of trouble, but his message seemed full of warning. I hope that I will be able to soar when the dream becomes a reality.

Some "Bible Scholars" actually do put forth the concept of "Being caught up" to be with Him in the cloud when the Day of Woes begins. I hope that I will have my ‘wings."

But then, my more deeper Message to all is that no matter what comes to us in this life, we can merely draw upon the inner Power within us, to Soar above anything. God, our Eternal Father in Heaven has given us the ability to Rise above everything that this world can send our way, regardless of the sender.. we have been enpowered and endowed from On High, with the ability to Soar. May we all learn to harness this God-given Power that is in all of us, to rise above our daily struggles, and to Soar on the Wings of Eagles!

When your own 'Beautiful Messenger' visits you in your own Night Visions, remember next time to Listen to Him. His Message is True, His purpose is to give Comfort, even when herolding News of Woe. You are given this Message to receive comfort, and to know that God is with you through all that is to come. Heed the Message and then you, too, may be able to Soar on the Wings of Eagles.

Jake Jaccard
© January 27, 1999
All Rights Reserved
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The Book of Moses is a Sacred Scripture, part of the "Pearl of Great Price" - and available from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.