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Mother of Mine

Mother of mine, an Angel of Grace
Always so loving, such a Beautiful Face...
Always so tender, always so kind...
An Angel from Heaven, that Mother of mine!

Mother of mine, though not mine alone,
there's other's here, too, your caring heart shown
Who have missed your presence your wisdom and love,
who look to the heavens for Hope from above...

Mother of mine, Look down from the skies,
On the ones who idolized you;
Your beauty and grace will always remain,
with us on this earth, till we all meet again.

by Kenneth Warren Jaccard,
Cheryl,Scott and myself,
March 19, 1959

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In Memory of our mother,
Arlene Lorraine Jaccard
October 1, 1919 ~ March 16, 1959

God had need of her beyond our own needs ~
If Angels do come to earth and live amongst us,
Mother was truly one of them ~ KJ