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Long Before It All Began

Long before there were Pyramids,
There was a Great Task that God would do,
Long before there was an Earth and Sky
Both so Beautiful and Resplendently Blue…

Before lofty Mountains were capped with ice and snow,
Long before the Stars so bright, shone their wondrous Glow,
And long before there were seas so deep and so very cold,
The expansive heavens were even then, so very very old.

You were in God's Eternal Mind, He Always had your Heart,
His Plans for you were in His Mind, before you had your start,
He created you
Perfectly in that far and distant Place;
Long Before sin erupted; you were formed by His Amazing Grace.

Does God's Plan ever cease? Or will His Love ever end for you?
You were nurtured by His Side, in His Heavenly Home, 'tis True
Does His Love have a Beginning or does it ever have an End?
You are His Heart's Darling and your Soul He'll
Always Defend.

He placed you on this earth right now, for a
Wise Purpose only He knew,
He has much Work on this Earth, which He has for you to do,
His Purposes were Perfectly Designed for you; for His Work and for His Glory,
On Such a Plan so Great as this, only
YOU, can write your Story.

The Soul must have the Right to choose the Way that it should go,
Without Freedom to choose, pointless existence mankind would only know,
But Praise the Lord for His Wisdom and Knowledge, that Freedom will never end;
Such is the Purpose of our Existence, and on God we all can depend.

So spend your time wisely and never give in to fleeting moments of pleasure,
Remember that pleasure was never happiness, nor offers very much treasure,
Store up your Treasures in Heaven, is best, where moth and worm do not harm,
Trust in the Providence and Love of the Almighty and always lean on His Arm.

(Isaiah 51:5).

Happy Birthday, Tom!
There is so much More yet for you to do…

Written for my cousin, Tom Campbell on his 69th Birthday

by Jake Jaccard

© December 16, 2011
All Rights Reserved

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