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Let Us Be Thankful

We have so much to be grateful for,
We take for granted day by day,
But Praise to God for this and more,
Should be our constant way.

A Land so blessed, seems back asleep,
And Gratitude there seems no need,
But for us who remember we faithfully keep,
This Day of Praise in Remembrance heed.

God be Praised for the Gift of Life,
His Son, for us, freely gave his own,
That we may live with Blessings rife,
Because our sins he did Atone.

Then to appreciate what has been given,
Should be our daily task,
Thanks to our God who dwells in Heaven,
Such a simple thing is all He'd ask.

So let us look to heaven Above,
And raise our Praises High,
God has Blessed us with His Love,
That we no more should die.

But Live again with Him Anew,
That is why we Thank Him now,
And goodly deeds is what we do,
As on our knees we humbly bow.

by Ken Jaccard
Thanksgiving - 22 November 2007

© November 22, 2000
All Rights Reserved
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