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Gazing out to Sea

A picture poem of my Thoughts and Feelings adrift on the magnificient Blue Ocean of Life

Gazing out to  sea - I was actually looking towards the Island of Maui in the Hawaiian Islands
Gazing out to sea, I feel the peace and harmony,
Life was so simple then, how fond the memory,

Recalling back those scenes sublime, I find I miss so much,
The breeze, the warmth, the sunshine's touch.

The Salty air, the dolphins race, with us along the way...
The flying fishes in the air, which jump and fly through ocean spray.

Oh, take me back to times as these, for I do miss them so.
Where has youth fled? Where did it sadly go?

Yet Reverie and Memory together makes us yearn,
To youth, to joy, to peace once more, may we again return.

Picture Poem
Ken Jaccard
© July 15, 2001
All Rights Reserved
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