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Oh, Hallowed day of long-ago reflections
Pictures come flooding of lives quickly spent
Hurling through space, pain, silently screaming
"I'll never surrender to their evil intent"

For life and liberty, my allies and brothers
You were kindred to me on this grizzly shore
I mingled my blood gladly with yours for your country
And proudly lifted high my flag with yours.

You were English and Belgian, Polish and Danish
Italian, Greek, Canadian and Franc
I was Chicago and New York, Philly and Boston
But where ever we hailed, proudly we were called "Yanks".

Sacred on the altar of honor and duty
We were eternally connected by sacrifice
We were brothers; we were comrades; we would always remember
The promises made and the asking price.

We have sealed our devotion to God and Country
By the blood we freely spilled
We are proud to have served with the greatest generation
Freedom endures; Evil was killed.

Oh, Hallowed day of long-ago reflections
Don't ever forget what was paid
Don't ever surrender your destiny; your freedom
Or our sacrifice will have all been in vain.

by Cheryl Jaccard Cowart
© Veterans Day - November 11, 2013
All Rights Reserved
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