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A Tribute to a Well-Lived Life

There's no sad Good-byes from Loved Ones who depart,
For Love is the Meaning of Life from God's Heart,
Living for Others is what we do Best,
And death comes as a Friend, with its promise of Rest

Life is so Sweet, and Gentler is Love Given
It's like the Key that Opens God's Heaven,
Onward and Upward should then be our Way,
Offering to each person, the Joy of That Day.

When One lays down his cares and sorrows,
To pick up the Joy of Forever Tomorrows,
Where then is there sadness or darkness in this?
For it is not death to die, but to find Joyful Bliss.

In all of your Life, You've found True Happiness...
In sharing Your Love giving only Your Best,
Your Life is complete as ever it could be,
Because of Your Family, You'll Sleep Peacefully.

When Christ Returns to gather His Jewels,
He'll call all you together who kept all His Rules,
He'll usher You in to His Heavenly Home,
Where no more apart will any of You Roam.

For God Loves a Family, Yours certainly is His,
Love is the Key and the way You all Lived,
You'll Live Forever in Happiness and Peace,
Where Life never ends, with Eternal Increase.

Trust in God's Providence and never look back,
Know that Tomorrow is one Eternal Track,
Peace will Embrace each One of You Again,
And in God's Home you all will Abide Together Then.

My Friend Hiram Gensler - please visit his Poetry Tribute Web Site
For Hiram Gensler and His Family
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by Jake Jaccard

© August 4, 2012
All Rights Reserved

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