Plan of the Day 3 May 1975 (Continued)

From the Secretary of the Navy: The performance of the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps in the evacuation of American and Vietnamese this week was outstanding. Those who have participated have earned my lasting respect for their professional competence in conducting the final military mission of our nationís Vietnam experience. This particular effort was typical of the many heroic actions of sailors and marines throughout the years of involvement in the Southeast Asian conflict. I express deep appreciation to all men and women of the Navy and Marine Corps for their dedication to duty in whatever location or assignment they have had during those difficult years. Great personal sacrifices have been made as a matter of routine. Those sacrifices are keenly felt at this moment. Whatever the heartache at the outcome of events, we must now look to the future. Our Navy and Marine Corps must remain strong. Our personal allegiance to our course must not be forgotten. God bless for going great Americans.

From Carrier Task Force 76: Mere words cannot describe your splendid performance and wonderful support. You were magnificent!

From Commanding General to all men of the 9th Marine Amphibious Brigade: Officers and men of the 9th Marine Amphibious Brigade, there can be no words suitable to comment you for your superior effort and immense contribution to the success of the recent evacuation. The chance is seldom given to a commander to feel a more kinship of his troops than I feel for each and everyone of you now. For those of you fortunate enough to have been a part of the ground security force at the American Compound and Embassy in Saigon, you have shown me both your absolute discipline and total restraint under fire and I was proud of you. Your coolness and fortitude before the enemy without returning fire in order to protect American lives speaks or more than courage; it speaks of a dedication and personal forbearance that will seldom be paralleled in the history of the Marine Corps. I wish equally to commend the brave pilots and crewmen of the helicopter evacuation force who demonstrated a rare and exceptional professionalism throughout the conduct of the operation. Your enviable airmanship in a totally adverse environment of weather, darkness and long flying hours through enemy anti-aircraft fire and ground-to-air missiles without loss of life or injury to a single evacuee was truly monumental. For the short period of time that our various units have come together to constitute the 9th Marine Amphibious Brigade, your performance has been superb. I have talked to many of the Americans, Vietnamese and other nationals you have evacuated and their hearts and deepest thanks go out to you. That which you have accomplished here has been both direct and identifiable, reflecting in the true spirit of the Marine Air Ground Team.


Assorted Chilled Fruit Juices Vegetable Soup Roast leg of Pork
w/Pork Gravy
Assorted ready to eat cereal Grilled Hamburger Mashed sweet potatoes w/Marshmallow topping
Grilled Eggs to order Lyonmaise Potatoes or Steamed Rice
Minced Beef on toast   Scalloped cream style Fried Sauerkraut
Hash Brown Potatoes Corn, Buttered Mixed Buttered Succotash
Assorted Danish Pastries Vegetables Hanna's Salad Bar #25
Hot Toast Hamburger buns Peach Crisp


Hanna's Salad bar #27



Sugar Cookies  


5. LIBERTY RISK: Any member of this Command whose conduct off the ship does not conform to Navy Standards will be required to appear before the Liberty Risk Board. There are four categories of restrictive liberty in the Liberty Risk Program, the most serious being restricted liberty for four months. For further information see HANCOCK NOTICE 1050 of 8 April 1975 or consult your Division Officer. Have a good liberty and avoid any activity that would bring you before the Liberty Risk Board.

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