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The public Information office on Hancock was the center of Hancock's PR force, and administered under the Admin Department or the X-Division. They also published a Ships News Paper called the "Signature", "All Hands" and other publications. Here's an article sent to me by shipmate Gary "Ozzie" Osborne who stated:


Found this photo in my April 1971 issue of All Hands. It was in response to Z-Gram 68. The unidentified Squid is me. Photo taken by PH2 Ken Dean. Wish I could find My copy of the Carrier. There I am identified. Got to find my photos cause I just got a new scanner. And, yes Mike Postolan, Sr., (contributor of the
Postolan Gallery) was my CPO on that cruise.

Ozzie (PH3 Gary Osborne)
Wednesday, January 24, 2007 5:57 PM

Gary 'Ozzie' Osborne, PH3 (now identified)
looks at his Civies aboard Hancock

It was their duty to send newsworthy information to hometown newspapers of the crew. If your parents at home ever noticed an entry in your local newspaper about you serving aboard the USS Hancock on Yankee Station, the news clip was furnished to your local newspaper by the PIO.

Hannah played host to many foreign correspondents while deployed in the wars in which she was engaged, from WWII to the end of the Vietnam war. These correspondents worked with and through the PIO on Hannah.

The following are a collection of General News Release Postings on Hancock...

For those of you who are not familiar with the term 'Yankee' or 'Dixie' Station and how it came to be called that, I suggest you visit the following site for some History on the early beginnings of our involvement in the Vietnam conflict and the beginning of 'Yankee' and 'Dixie' Stations - Tonkin Gulf, Vietnam.

Some of the most poignant modern-day Naval Stategies were decided at these two Staging areas in theTonkin Gulf. It was from these two areas, that most of the resupply took place for our ground forces in country.

The following record tells of how we became entrenched in Vietnam, and the obtaining of most of this history we owe to our XO, Dennis F. Milliken, our Number One History Sleuth for 'Jake's 'Yankee Station' - USS Hancock CV/CVA-19 Memorial.

Visit the Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club's Home Page
Visit the Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club's Official Website

 A Poem by LCDR Garvey

The 'Official Hancock CV/CVA-19 Poem - 1945 by Lt. George 'Hector' Rodgers - Fighting Squadron 6 - Originally submitted by 'Hector' who called himself an "Overpaid Sailor" - and contributed to this Site by Capt Herschel Pahl, USN (Ret), our WWII Representative and Author of 'Point Option' - a wonderful Epic seen through the eyes of a Naval Aviator, during the War in the Pacific. You can visit his Book Site by clicking Here.

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