Payday for the Crew

Jake wants to get paid too!Payday

Ah, yes! Payday!  I think I'll take $20 and leave $180.00 on the books.. I am saving for a tape recorder, an AKAI, which I've had my eye on, at the base exchange at Yokosuka.  It's so cool! Back stateside, the machine is known as a Roberts.. but in Japan, it is known by it's Japanese name of AKAI. The machine sold for $500 in the states. Here at the base exchange, it is just $211.  I had been saving for sometime and my pay account was nearly there now. Soon we'll be tied up again in Yokosuka, and I can get the recorder. The reel-to-reel, 4 track machine was the cutting edge of Stereo electronics in 1963!  I wanted a quality machine for a long time, and now was my chance. I also bought a nice Nikon camera, a kimono for my girlfriend, and a beautiful jewelery box for my sister.


Everyone remembers that the Disbursing Clerk paid you in MPC's (Military pay certificates).. we called it funny money. But it did the job.

A friend recently told me to hang on to any old MPC's that I have because they are worth big bucks nowadays. If you have any, send them to Jake !

Remember the standing saying in the Navy? The disbursing Clerk is the guy you never want to get mad at you.  I never did.  Here you can see a Clerk counting out a sailor's pay, with the MPC's.

Some might ask, why did the Navy pay you in "Funny Money?" Well greenbacks were just not circulated overseas during these days. It was too easy to counterfit greenbacks. Actually, I don't really know the real reason why, other than they just liked to play monopoly a lot over there - hee hee.

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