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These Websites are Dedicated to the Memory of those who gave their lives to preserve the ideals that we all hold so dear. Freedom is not Free. If we fail to protect and preserve it, we could lose it. - Jake

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Dennis Milliken's XO's Office - Our Website XO and Chief Historian.

QM3 Dennis Milliken has a terriffic Hancock and Vietnam War History Website which we encourage you to visit. He also is host of the XO's Desk on this Website, acting as our Website's XO and Chief Historian. You will find what he has to offer at both these sites, worthy reads which will increase your knowledge of our involvement in South Eas Asia, during Vietnam.

Rich Kirsch's Fighting Hannah
Our Middle Years Gallery and Coordinator, Richard A. Kirsch now breaks out with his own
U.S.S. Hancock CVA-19 OP Division Photo Lab Memorial - part of the Yeoman's
Veterans Memorial Network

Jake's Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club Website AwardRM2 Rob Lee's CR Division - USS Hancock CVA-19 Tribute -

If you want to see the HANCOCK EXCELLENCE continue, make sure you make a Port Call to Rob Lee's CR Division USS Hancock CVA-19 Tribute Page. Rob has done a Bravo Zulu job on this Tribute to the "Fighting Hannah" - and the Yeoman is Happy to Award Rob the Big E Honor Banner! This Web Page currently covers CR Division personnel and general activities aboard ship from two Hancock WestPac deployments:

18 July 1968 to 3 March 1969
2 August 1969 to 15 April 1970

Michael T. Postolan's Extensive USS HANCOCK CVA-19 Gallery - Mike Postolan, PHC (Ret) would like to share with you, his own collection of pictures of the Hancock.

Mike has one of the most comprehensive Image Galleries on the USS Hancock that your Yeoman knows about.

Up to meeting Mike, I thought I had the BEST, but Mike has, undeniably, the BEST I have yet found! I am, needless to say, Proud to Partner with Mike Postolan and his son, Mike Jr who works so hard at this notable Website.

A 'Partial' Postolan Gallery is on this Site, courtesy of Mike Postolan, is accessed by a click to this Porthole:

Other Veteran Related Websites by Jake which Support this Great Veteran's Community are...

U.S.S. INDIANAPOLIS CA-35 Memorial -

A Memorial to the U.S.S. Indianapolis CA-35, and the men who experienced one of the worse Naval Disasters in modern times.

USS JACCARD DE-355 Memorial
U.S.S. JACCARD DE-355 and the Richard A. Jaccard Memorial

The Krenn Papers Title Banner

A Living History of the 1st Armored Division's Actions in North Africa and the Battles for Italy, as seen through the eyes of a Battle Tanker Captain, War Correspondent and Hero, Staff Sgt. Arthur E. Krenn, USA (Ret).

The Title Banner above is to commemorate the many lives lost in World War II.

Come Visit the Navy Bos'n

I am extremely proud to Yeoman "The Navy Bos'n" by BMC Dave Campbell, USN (Ret). He is solid to the core 'Old Navy' and one of Jake's great Shipmates. His heart is 100% for the our Veterans (and Veterans of our Allied Co-Partners. He wishes to invite you to come and visit is Website and Give him a vote while there. Tell him Jake said to say Hello. - Jake


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