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Recollections of a Former Kawishiwi Shipmate on the "Emergency Breakaway" during Operation 'Frequent Wind' in '75 as reported by Doug Covill (Kawishiwi), Bill Shipley (Hancock), and NCCM "Corky" Johnson (Hancock).

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I was on the USS Kawishiwi the night of the breakaway. I was standing on the deck as the USS HANCOCK closed in on our ship. It was a scary sight to see the deck of your ship towering over our main deck closing in for a collison.

I was on the port side by one of the fuel stations when I heard over the PA "Brace to port". I went to one of the nearest passageways aft, and braced myself in the doorway anticipating the collison. The breakaway was one of the most dangerous things I was ever involved in. All I heard was cables and fuel lines. What made it worse was the darkness of night. Not to ever forget.

Willian John Miller, USN retired

This Event seems to still be causing conflicting views - Jake

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U.S.S. Kawishiwi AO-146 Fleet Oiler

Submitted 08/20/2009
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