CWO3 Wayne Erven, USN - Retired,
Sep 65 - Jan 68

Updating the Hancock Insignia - January 1956

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Wayne Erven: In looking thru the 1955-1956 cruise book, loaned to the Association by John Hlubek, V6 Div, 1953-1956, I found a copy of "The Catapult", the ship's newspaper, dated Jan 19, 1956. An article entitled: Ship's Insignia to be changed" is copied below . I am sure many have no idea what the insignia means.

Ship's Insignia to be changed

"Plans have been drawn to bring the HANCOCK insignia up to date. It has been felt for some time that the present ship's insignia is outdated and inadequate in that the steam catapults are no longer unique, and that a "fighting ship of the line" should have an insignia that depicts more of the dignity of the Naval Service.

Parvin Pedigo, LI3, from the Print Shop has drawn up the new insignia, which will be sent to the Chief of Naval Operations for approval..

The insignia has a triangular background of gold, with the top side horizontal, upon which is imposed a stylized impression of the bow of the attack carrier. The ship is in Navy gray with a white bow wave above the blue water at the bottom of the triangle. Above the flight deck are a set of Naval Aviator's wings outlined in black on the gold background. They symbolize the ship's role in supporting and projecting naval air power. Slightly lower and overlapping, but just above the flight deck appears the ship's name USS HANCOCK in blue letters.

Approximately at the center of the triangle and mounted on the carrier bow is the ship's shield. This shield symbolizes the ship's role in defending our country. The shield is divided vertically and horizontally into four fields. Upper right field is scarlet representing courage, lower left field in Navy blue representing our service, and the sea in which it operates. In the upper left field completed with a flourish under the word "Liberty" written in script. The word represents a word cherished b y our famous namesake, patriots past and present, and with additional meaning by Navy men everywhere. In a white lower right field are 9 small bombs in gold, arranged in an orderly diamond, axis vertical. These represent the 9 departments of the ship (including the Air Group) which are organized into a hard and valuable jewel. The bombs appropriately infer the offensive nature of our mission. The number of them also ~ represents the second digit of the HANCOCK'S hull number. With the Navy blue of the lower left field, the gold of the bombs completes the Navy colors."

Additional patches are available thru the Ship's Store."

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