Rich Stevenson
VA-215 Yeoman

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You probably don't remember me but I was on the Fighting Hannah the same time as you. I was a PN Striker in the personnel office of VA215. I ended up working in our ready room as the Ops Yeoman.

I just read your memoirs and boy did it bring back memories. I remember most of the things you talked about and the wonderful feelings of excitement and wonder. It was the time in my life that formed the person I am these days.

I remember you and remember talking to you more that a few times. You came to our personnel office a few times and I remember you coming to our ready room as well.

I ended up staying in the Navy. I retired in 83 as an E-8 Data Processing Technician and moved back to my home state of Utah.

Again, reading your memoirs was a wonderful trip down memory lane. Good job.

Richard D. Stevenson
Houston, Texas