Robert G. 'Bob' Jenkins
Captain's Office Yeoman, Etc., Etc., Etc.

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Jake, I was on the Hanna from July of 57 to August of 59. I belong to the association. I started in the Captain's Office moving from desk to desk and settled in at the Classified Control Desk. Then I got transferred to the XO's Office when I made YN3 and did his work plus typed the POD (Plan of the Day). I wasn't there very long when I went to Gunnery to be the Gunnery Office Supervisor. This was a big job for a 3rd class. This was actually a 1st class billet. I had 6 to 8 other yeoman, 85 officers and 850 men but it was a great challenge. I made 2nd class and all the other yeoman made 3rd so it was a good year. I also did part-time work in Special Weapons and Legal when needed so I kept busy for my $170. a month pay. Anyway, that is the tall and short of it. I wish I could have stayed in but it wasn't to be. They were down-sizing even then and didn't offer anything good so I went off to college and stayed in the Navy by helping out in Recruiting. Take Care. You are doing a Great Bravo Zulu Job!

I don't know if your homepage is the answer but I am always out there trying to encourage ex-navy types to stay involved in the Navy through R.D.A.C., Recruiting District Assistance Council. I am the sub-council chairman in Rochester. In just a short explanation, we help the recruiters in any way we can to make their life better and more successful whether it is helping get to know some center of influence types in the community or just finding a church , hospital or school or just sitting in the Recruiting Station and listening. All Recruiting Stations know about R.D.A.C. and welcome any help they can get. Thanks again for the reply.

The Hancock Patch

The 'Fighting Hannah' Battle Patch
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The Hancock Patch has really been around. Captain Miller with the help from one of his Yeoman, Don Hartmann and I formed a Boy Scout Council right aboard the ship. Our mission was to help Boy Scout troops in the Bay Area that were having leadership problems and training problems. We identified about 25 eagle scouts from the ship and we went out and helped out troops. One troop we helped was the troop in Hayward. We first got the adult leadership going and then we helped train the scouts in all of the skills of scouting. Then we took them to Fall Camp. After that, we took them aboard ship for the day. All this helped the troop but didn't hurt the Navy either as we hit the San Francisco Cronical. Anyway, we used the patch as our official patch on our neckerchief to identify us in our Hancock Boy Scout Council. Take care,

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Editor's Comment: Bob worked in the same office aboard Hancock that I did, and I also did mostly what he described here; even worked the Classified Control Desk for a time. Being a Seaman at the time, I also held a 2nd Class Billet, when our 2nd Class was separated and went home. However, I was able to remain in the Captain's Office until I was rated a YN3, and also left for home, in March of 1964.

Bob: I'd like to say a "Special Thanks" to you for your comments, and also the long career of Service to the Navy and to the Country. You have proved yourself to be a true Patriot, and this Yeoman Salutes you! It's just too bad that our time frame aboard ship was different; I just know we would have been great Liberty Buddies. Well again, thanks for all your help with the Hancock Memorial, and for the News clipping you sent in. Fair Winds, Bob!