Bill "Matt" Johnson
CWO3 USN (Ret)

CWO3 Matt Johnson, USN

CWO3 Matt Johnson, USN (1988)

Taps For Matt

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Gunner Matt Johnson, CWO3, USN, wanted to share some of his more humorous stories with us of Navy Life which took place BEFORE, and during HANCOCK time. I have put the following stories on separate pages since they are rather lengthy, but don't miss them; they are very funny, and most off of us can relate to some of what he says.. but before you go any further into Matt's humous view of Navy life, I want to introduce you to Matt's Career and who he was and what made him tick. You see, speak of my good friend and shipmate in the Past Tense now, because Matt lost his battle to conquer his last high hurdle. He succumbed to a brain hemhorage while fighting his last cancer. To some, they might consider this not a loss but an act of God who cared enough for him to ease him out of a battle he could not win this time. His Taps Tribute is located here. Please do read it, but not before you first get to know what made Matt Johnson tick. He was a true Blue and Gold Navy man, and one whose story will encourage anyone to fight against all odds to win any battle that they are faced with. So please first meet this incredible human being whom I love and have great respect and admiration for.. Matt Johnson.

There you go Jake, and it's all true !!!!

Thanks for all your help,

Matt Johnson
CWO3 USN (Ret)
9/1965 - 10/1988
Retired Gunner - Matt's wife Pat still uses his Email now.

Some background on Matt:

"I went aboard the Hancock in '66, made 3 cruises; then reup'd for 6 yrs in '69, got Rota, Spain (2 yrs) then went to the "World Famous Pukin Dogs" - VF-143 (Miramar, CA/Oceana, Virginia), made 2 WESPAC and 2 MED cruises; NAS Moffett Field, USS Coral Sea, made 1 Indian Ocean cruise; made Warrant and crossed over to the Enterprise and made 1 Indian Ocean and 1 Indian Ocean/Med Cruise then I took the Weapos Officer job at Moffett Field and retired."

Matt would like to hear from his former shipmates.