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I.D. 'Inny' Cerbini F2, '44 -'45

Mark Hardisty AOM1/C TBM(F), '45

Andy Gibbons, SN1, '44 - '46

Daniel Gallery, Capt, USN,
Commanding Officer, USS Hancock (CV-19) - Sept 7 - December 10, 1945.

Richard A. Kirsch, PH3,USNR, '53 - '55

Kenneth D. Groom, YN2, X-Div '54 Plankowner

LD Tullis, AOU3, VF-154, '56 - '59

Robert G. Jenkins
Capt's Yeoman '57 - '59

Ralph Irish, Radioman '57 - '61
Chronicles of a Ships Messenger

Paul E. Barnicle, CDR, USN
'57 - '60

J.D. Brooks, AKC, USN - '58-'61

Daniel Weaver, LT, USN '61-63

Phil Enke, ETN3,
OE Division, '61 -'64

John F. Davis, IC3, E-Div, '61-'64

Dennis Spang '61-'65
OI Division

Ed White, AN, V-3 Division '61-'67

Bob McKay VAH-4, VAH-123 "Whaler" - '62-'66

Dennis Milliken
Navigation '62-'64

Pat McNally AQB2 VAH-123 1962-1964

Jim R. Barbour (ABE) V-2 Arresting Gear and Catapults 1962-64

Ken "Jake" Jaccard, YN3, USN
X-Division '62-'64

Ron Wandler, AT2, VAW-11, 62-64

Rich Stevenson
VA-215 Yeoman
, '62-'64

Jerry Crosser, CR Div, '62

Thomas Painter, OI Div '62-'66

Lt. Bob Adams, Hancock Ass't Air Intelligence officer '63- '65

Allen Steiner, AO3, '63-'65
GM Division

Danny Mayer, ADRAN, VAW-11 Det Lima '63-'65

Henry Mendoza, , USN, '63-'66 V-1 Yellowshirts

John Yeoman, RDC, OI Division '64 - '66

Lee Ridenour, SK3, USN '64

Joesph F. Reynolds, EN, USN, E-Division '64-'67

Bill Foley, DT2, USN '64-'67

Daniel Blevins AO3 '64-'67 - A Memorial to LT John Richard McDonough VAW-13 Det 1

David A. Church, HM3, ''65 - H Division

Manuel Rodriquez, RM2-RMC, '65-'67- R Division

Wayne Erven, CWO3, USN, Sep 65 - Jan 68

JD Cooper, '66

Matt Johnson, CWO3, GM/G Div'66-'68

Don Yeggy, V-4 Div '66 - '70

Dave Caffey, Fox Div '67-'69

James Hultman, B-Division '67

Doug Munson, Second Division '67-'70

Dennis Lund, VA-163 '68 - '69

JD Thomas, VA-212 '68-'70

Thomas 'Rosey' Rosenberg, GMT2, W Divsion - '68-'71

Earl Budweiser
3rd Div '69- '71

Capt Tom Wimberly XO, '70 -'71

Alan J. Figone
with VF-211 '70 - '73

Gary Burkhart, USNR-R '71 Best Shipboard Plumber on Hannah!

Bruce Boland, USN, XO/CO VF-24 (F8Us) '71 - '74
The Hannah Lives on, So RAdm Boland states

Wayne Durfey, USN, MM2, '71-'74
Wayne tells us of Hong Kong and eating on Tai-Pak - a Floating Restaurant in Hong Kong Bay.

Thomas Bolender ADJ2 - James Pruit, AO2 - VF-211, '71-'75.
Tom has a Mission and an Intesting Reunion

Gerry Hamm, PR1, G Division, 1974-1975

Fred Shacklett, QM2, N Division 1974-1976

Bill Shipley, HM1, '75

C.R. "Corky" Johnson, NCCM(SW), USN (Ret)

Joe Zeller
Hanna's Last Operations '75

Richard L. Baker, PH1, USN (Ret) ''75

James J. Peters, PFC, USMC, MarDet - 1975-1976

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Ship's Quarters for Muster - Former Shipmates Online
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Marine's Compartment

Michael Harris Mulraney, SGT, USMC (Ret) - July '66 - Nov '66

Mike Mulraney, a friend of Jake, shared his view of the War in Vietnam - a short version is provided here.

Other Ships & Installations
Other Ships & Bases Personnel

E.A. "Ed" Hughes, FTCM(SS) is the author of "I was once a Navyman" (and others) was invited to share his story in our Oral History Section. Enjoy getting to know Ed here.

Vietnam 1967, A "Whale Tale" - An interesting and even humorous story that most Carrier Sailors will recall regarding Russian Trawlers in the Vietnam Waters during the Ten Year War in Vietnam.

An incredible Sea Story of the 'Run-away Jet' at North Island - 1954 - by Robert 'Bob' Schlocker, SN, USN

Ken Groom's U.S.S. YANCEY (AKA-93) - by Kenneth D. Groom, YN2, USNl

Navy Boot Camp Chronicles - by Mike Caffarel

Gilbert Devault
USS Neches AO-47 '63-'67

Gene Edwards USS Neches AO-47 '63-'65

Jerry "Red" Harris - BM3, USS Aludra (AK-55) '64-67 - Jerry tells about the 'famous' or was it 'infamous' Beat your Meat' Banner and how it finally was brought down.

Doug Covill from USS Kawishiwi (AO-146) gives his perspective on the Hancock/Kawishiwi "Emergency Breakaway" in '75 during Operation "Frequent Wind"

RM2 Barney Goodwin has an interesting perspective to the Emergency Breakaway and Collision with USS Kawishiwi AO-146

Willian J. Miller, USS Kawishiwi AO-102 '75 adds some more regarding the "Emergency Breakaway" that took place in '66, reported by HM1 Bill Shipley.

James Barton LT, USN '75-'77 Chief Engineer USS KAWISHIWI AO-146. More discussion Re: "Emergency Breakaway" in '75 during Operation "Frequent Wind"

Naval Aviator Stories

Hornet Night Barricate (Pilot's Version)

Other Interesting Reading, etc.

God, a Marine and a Spider Web - An inspirational Story you will appreciate
- Author Unknown

Jake's Navy Recollections

Jake's Navy Memoirs

Jake and the Chief on "Privacy" or how the Captain's Office missed out on Chow one day in 1963.

The NCCM Corky Johnson Hancock Chronicles - Our Late Command Master Chief Corky Johnson tells about the Last Operations of the Hancock - Vietnam 1975

Terror at Sea - Typhoon Cobra from "Halsey's Typhoons" by Adamson & Kosco

CPL Daniel Snuffer, USMC- Just a Marine - A Hancock Visitor during Frequent Wind, tells of Flight Deck Action during the Evacuation of Saigon - 1975

The Last Marines KIA in Vietnam - HMM-164 aboard the USS Hancock

Son Tay Prison Camp Raid into North Vietnam

The Hancock
-YNs Robert Jenkins and Jake. Visit the Log-19 Gallery when you have a chance.

The Navy Chief - From the Perspective of a Sailor who remembers them well

Deck Log Poems - These were a Navy Tradition for a long time!

Old Sailors Sit - A Poem that will stir up recollections of your youth as a Sailor in our Navy!

The Goat on the Boat - A Very Humorous and True Story from the Smoke Boat Sailors of

The Gedunk and Other Sea Stories

Eugene "Gene'o" Csuti and Rusty 'Short Rounds' Meade's Story about the Dreaded 'VC Rat' - A Feature in our Gedunk

Don't Shoot - We're Republicans! -
An amusing now, not so then sort of Story that is True and hence not exactly classified as a Sea Story which you will enjoy reading.

The U.S. Navy Peacoat - A clothing item issued to us, which became a big part of our Navy Life and Experience.

Old Sea Stories &  Jokes

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