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Ken's Personal Navy Gallery

Yancey Gallery

Stories by Shipmates

A Jug of Wine and Thou...

A Yen for Pay Toilets

Captain K's Way is not the Navy Way

Cinderella Liberty - Last Call 2330 Liberty Launch

Green Eggs and Ham

He Stuck in his Thumb and Pulled out a Plumb

Hey Buddy can you spare a dime?

Hoppy's Favorite

Looking for "L" in all the Wrong Places

Mare Island Tales: Sailor for a Day & The Breakfast Bus

Mess Cook'n

Port and 'Starboard Haircuts - Free?

Pumping iron - Yancey Style

Sea Bats - A Story of Mystery and Intrigue

Smoke on Number Four Hatch

The Anchor Pool

The First Food Bank

The Identity of Bosun 'L'

The Night Before Christmas

The Return of Bosun 'L'

The Ship's Laundry Facilities

The Tale of the Bail

The Ten Yen Vend

The Yancey Brig

The Yancey and the K10 Battle Star for the Korean War

The Yancey Encounters Chi Chi Mountain

The Yancey Runs over Treasure Island

Up the Lazy River

Yancey Boot Sailors and the "Crow's Nest Watch"

"Yancey on the Rocks"

Your Government at Work

Hitch Hiking in the '50s in a
'Cracker Jack' Uniform

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