Ken Grooms's Navy

U.S.S. YANCEY AKA-93 1951 - 1954

U.S.S. HANCOCK CVA-19 1954 - 1958

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Kenneth Groom was transferred to the USS Hancock on January 1, 1954 and served the last four years in the Navy on the ship we all have come to love. He was on the USS Yancey AKA-93 when he volunteered for duty on the Hancock that was being recommissioned in Bremerton Washington. He was part of the ship's company of about 50 people when he reported aboard.

Although Ken served aboard the Hancock, these Sea Stories aboard the YANCEY are a Treasure Trove, and Ken wished to share them with us. They were contributions to the Yancey Association Newsletter.

These are Sea Stories by Ken and others of his Yancey Shipmates contributed to the YANCEY NEWSLETTER. We try to give credit when we have a name, otherwise we credit Ken Groom for sharing them.

We hope you enjoy them.

Submitted and Commissioned on 14 March 2006
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