Joseph F. "Joe" Reynolds, EN, USN

E - Division (Engineering) CVA-19 1964-'67

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Hi Jake,

I was aboard the USS Hancock in 1964-1967 and was assigned to the forward emergency diesel generator room.

We took care of the diesel generator, 12-cylinder opposed pistons, and also taking care of the 3000 pound high-pressure air compressor systems, and also the 125 pound low-pressure air compressors systems. We also took care of the refrigeration systems for food storage. While I was aboard we had numerous fan-tail crashes and splashes from planes taking off from the catapult and ending up in the drink. We even had a man overboard, picked up by the ship's helicopter rescue team.

Our Division Commander was LTJG R.H. Lord. We were on station in the South China Sea and our release was extended waiting for the USS Ranger that was having dry-dock work done in the States.

When my term of enlistment was up I was transferred to the USS Oriskany that was returning to the US with casualties from aboard her, and to receive repairs to the burned out forward compartments.

My time aboard the Hancock was most enjoyable and I will always remember it. I was hoping she would have been made a museum, but the powers that be decided otherwise.

Please add this to the histories of sailors from the Hannah.

Thank you, Joseph F. Reynolds

Submitted 3/13/06
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