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How the "You might whip our potatoes but you can't beat our meat" Banner Came Down:

Bos'n mate Jerry "Red" Harris recalls the Banner and how it was forced down...

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Jerry "Red" Harris recalls the Banner which was hung high on the superstructure of the USS ALUDRA (AF-55) which the crew of the Aludra and many other ships serviced by this supply ship wanted left there... a bit of Levity on the High Seas...

Jake, I know this is an old entry on the website but I saw your site and it brought back good memories. I was a BM3 on the Aludra from '64-'67. I made 4 cruises to West Pac, Yankee station, Market Time and all the ports in Viet Nam.

I ran the port side #2 unrep station. That would be the farthest one forward. We got a kick out of our banner and displayed it proudly until the day we unrep'd the Big E in 1965. She had a very senior four stripe chaplain on board and when he saw our banner he went ballistic and had Com Seventh Fleet send over an order to remove the sign. No sense of humor I guess.

From that day on we didn't display it when we unrep'd the big command ships.

The Hancock was one of our better customers. Your unrep crews made it easy to transfer cargo quickly and allowed us to set several transfer records which kept our Captain happy which translated to good liberty in WestPac. Hope this email finds you in good health. Thanks for the memories, I really enjoyed your web site.

Jerry "Red" Harris, BM3,
Highland, Utah

Note: Jerry Harris was speaking of a mention of this Famous Banner on our "Man all Unrep Stations" page.

Submitted 10/2/2008
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