S-3 Divsion '58-'61

Recollections of a retired U.S. Navy Storekeeper

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I received my orders to board the USS Hancock CVA-19, November 1958. The division placed me in a bunk in the crew's barbershop. My duty station was small stores- this was good, because I soon had a lot of friends in S-3 division. The cobbler shop fixed my shoes, the tailor shop fixed all my blues, the barbershop kept my haircut and the ship's laundry taught me how to wash and press my clothes. I was always sharp when I went on the beach. When I went to the movies at night all of my ice cream and coke was free. This made life grand.

I was later TAD to MAA Force. This was really great for a young SH3, with a new baby back at home. I would always make the late chow at night, being on MAA Force I did not have to stand in line, which allotted me the opportunity to eat first. When I went on the beach, I was back on ship by 2400. I would stop by MAA office, put on my badge and eat chow. We always had to take prisoners to T.I. when in port.

While I was TAD to MAA force we had one sailor killed at Subic Bay and another jumped overboard while awaiting trial back at Subic Bay. This was during the 60-61 deployment. I received orders
to leave the USS Hancock CVA-19, November 1961.

A.K.C. J.D. Brooks, USN retired

Submitted 08/20/2009
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